Death of truth and morality


YESTERDAY’s Senate hearing on the Disbursement Acceleration Program marked the death of truth and morality in Philippine public office under the Aquino administration.

Secretary Florencio Abad and the Cabinet members whom he asked to help him answer questions posed by senators all told lies and half-truths.

And the senators—with the exception of Senators Nancy Binay, Grace Poe and Ralph Recto—in varying degrees willingly compromised their consciences and participated in the drama that President Aquino, Sec. Abad and the Cabinet members must have scripted.

Senator Chiz Escudero, while obviously unhappy about his having to be a fair chairman of the committee and at the same time continuing to be a dear friend of President Aquino, at least made himself sound like a seeker of the truth. This, however, made him, to some strict ethicists, even worse than the senators who were eagerly doing their self-assigned and sycophantic roles as Sec. Abad’s cheerleaders and the Aquino Regime’s hossana-singers.

The most egregious senators, in their different ways of playing the drama to extol the virtues of the DAP and the untruthful Aquino-Abad line, were Senate President Drilon, Senators Trillanes, Bam Aquino, Angara and Guingona.

It was painfully disappointing to watch and hear Senator Recto question rather gingerly the lies Sec. Abad and the other Aquino Cabinet members were peddling with a straight face. He asked for details, declaring that he was following up on the questions Sen. Binay had asked. And he made a sharp point of demanding why the Aquino Cabinet had fooled the Congress and asked for funds for important infrastructure and transport projects that were really good for the country—projects that would have stimulated the economy—but did not implement them.

All these many projects Sen. Recto himself had pushed for, convinced by the Aquino government’s presentations. These would have created jobs and made a difference in the socio-economic development of many parts of the Philippines. He was disappointed to hear from Sec. Abad that the projects could not be pushed through because there were, for example, problems of land ownership and such basic things. That means the presentations made by the Aquino people to Congress were lies! Sec. Emilio Abaya was asked to elucidate. He could not because he was not head of the DOTC yet at the time. Sen. Recto asked for detailed explanations. But we doubt that any will ever be available.

We remembered Sen. Ralph Recto’s grandfather Don Claro and his father Assemblyman Rafael Recto. Both would not have stomached being in that chamber yesterday. They would have railed against the dishonesty of our land’s highest co-rulers with President Aquino, who are allowing mendacity and immoral governance to prevail.

Economic Planning Secretary and NEDA Director Arsenio Balisacan, who had impressed us for being more honest than other Aquino Cabinet members, also supported the Alice-in-Wonderland-like upending of facts. His allowing himself to be used was what made us conclude that the hearing had marked the death of truth and morality in Philippine public governance.

Of course Secretary Abad now owes the Senate a more detailed accounting of how the DAP was spent and where, thanks to the questions mainly of Senators Binay and Poe.

But it did not boom out clearly that the “savings” that Sec. Abad pooled came from project funds that should have been used as appropriated—and would have stimulated the economy right then and there if they were implemented.


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  1. Now it can be told. Yesterday’s moro moro in the senate hearing was to fool and make lies again to the Filipino people. How can you expect the senators to investigate in aid of legislation when they themselves are part of the whole scam! They benefited from it. The only honorable thing for this administration to do is PeNoy admitting and following the ruling of supreme court. aBAD resigning, impeaching the President, after 2 years file case of plunder against PeNoy,Audit all projects that were funded by DAP. Stop and return unspend funds from DAP. Senators… about your sense of delikadesa?

  2. It’s high time that the FOI be pushed to become a law. Then, we will see who are the honest, dishonest, liars, fair, etc., when [their] cards are laid on the table for the public to know. I mean ALL the cards! No under-the-table, no-sleeve-magic! Even the JOKERS other than the full deck must be laid open. Then we will know and unmasked the leaders that bastardize the law and the people.

  3. VP Binay utang na loob huwag po kayong makipag alyansa sa mga alipores ni President Pnoy. Pag ito po ay inyong ginawa mababahiran kayo ng kanilang mga kalokohan. Sino na po ang aming iboboto? Si Trillanes?Si Cayetano?Si Roxas?Si Escudero?Pag ang Diyos po ang kanilang sandigan iboboto ko po sila uli. Unahin natin ang Panginoon muna at lahat ay kanyang ibibigay.

  4. DAP as the name indicates would be good if it’s purpose was to cut red tape and get the projects going faster. But DAP was used to stop projects and issue new projects not originally not in the budget. So there is good here. The problem is that it was taken over by the bad using illegal methods.

  5. Mark chua sy on

    The irony of it, they are all lawyers (abad, drilon, recto, angara, escudero) yet they are not respecting the rule of law especially the constitution. Insted they twisted the facts and circumvent the law. Sad to say, mga senador at congressman natin is MUKHANG PERA.. What happen to our contry? God help us.

  6. What can we expect from the senatongs? Do you think Filipino People will believe all these theatrical performance of PNOY puppets? So sad to note that these will be the death of truth and morality for our country….

  7. The chiefs of staff of Senators Binay, Poe, Recto and Ejercito should keep pressing Abad to supply the complete lists, with all the details. they asked for and tell the media every day that DBM has not been able to supply the lists that their boss promised at the Senate hearing,

    The DBM website is USELESS and lacking transparency.

  8. noelravalsalaysay on

    PNoy and his government has completely disregarding the principles of Separation of Power by their continuous attack on the SC’s decision. It time for People’s Power to demonstrate :surround Malacanang and have a 30 days hunger-strike until PNoy leaves Malacanang and hand power to VP Binay.

  9. The entire explanation still points to DAP as pork… Drilon et al should have rehearsed better… (IBA RAW ANG DAP SA PDAF – yup, unlimited and DAP)