• Death for plunder, treason, rape – VACC


    Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) on Tuesday said it will continue to lobby for inclusion of plunder and other heinous crimes in the death penalty bill.

    “The position of the VACC is that we will continue lobbying for the inclusion of plunder, treason, arson and also rape [in the bill],” VACC spokesman Arsenio Evangelista Jr. told reporters in an interview.

    Car theft, homicide and kidnapping with homicide are also being pushed by the group for inclusion in the list of crimes punishable by death, according to Evangelista.

    On Monday, members of the House majority deleted plunder, treason and rape as crimes punishable by death.
    It was the agreement of the so-called super majority lawmakers after their afternoon caucus and only limited the death penalty bill to drug-related crimes.

    For Evangelista, plunder is the root cause of poverty in a country and will “dramatically increase” crimes against property and persons.

    “It is useless for the death penalty bill to be passed if plunder and all other heinous crimes will be removed from the list or crimes punishable by death,” he said.

    Evangelista shared with the reporters his experience on why he is personally campaigning for reinstatement of capital punishment in the country.

    “My child was a victim of a heinous crime, and for me, I think, restoring the death penalty will be retribution against the suspects who committed a particular heinous crime,” he said.

    “Death penalty is all about retribution. The only time that we victims can move forward is if we get this retribution,” Evangelista added.


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    1. VACC is right. Why did they removed the other heinous crimes. Its as if they are telling the Filipino citizens that they removed death penalty for plunder, rape, treason, and arson because they are guilty of committing these crimes themselves.

      Why fear something that you have not committed?

    2. Plunder and treason must really be included in the death penalty. All of us, the citizens must fight for it. The Congress are a bunch of Plunderers and they want to get away wit it.

    3. I agree with VACC move to include Plunder, Treason and Rape with homecide in the Death Penalty Bill. All of us seen the present condition of our country where all the criminals and plunderers were just roaming around freely. Some of them are occupied higher post in the government, some of them becomes the crucible of corruption. Once this bill is approved then we can expect that crimes will eventually goes down.

    4. Mario Santos on

      I fully support Mr. Evangelista.
      I think the main reason why plunder, treason, arson and rape were excluded it simply because most not all “Politicians” are corrupt.