Declare these ambassadors personae non-grata


ON the opposite page, we print in full an immensely important statement of the Philippine Council on Foreign Relations about the statement made by ambassadors of “at least 18 countries” (as our story on it on page 2 of yesterday’s Times says) that we believe deserve the highest condemnation of every Filipino who values our Republic’s dignity, the rule of law, and the principle of foreign non- interference in our internal affairs.

The Department of Foreign Affairs should have loudly spoken out to protest the “ambassadors’ statement” — or if it wished to be discrete–should have written a note verbale to each of the embassies.

But the DFA did not. And this does not surprise us. For the Aquino Administration has been depending on foreign moral support and actual funding from foreign governments, not for the usual monetary needs to combat poverty and deliver better services to our people, but to cover up of its misdeeds and to dampen the anger of our people against its evil works and policies. These works and policies cause hardships for our people and pose threats to the very existence of our democracy and our Republic.

The statement expresses the ambassadors’ support for the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), which the more thoughtful, knowledgeable, educated and good-hearted Filipinos have found to be in serious need of redrafting because it will not bring peace to Mindanao but will instead plunge it into greater conflicts.

To begin with, the BBL version favored by the Aquino Administration and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front is based on two grossly anti-Philippine Republic, anti-Filipino people, illegal documents or in fact treaties that the BS Aquino negotiators signed with their MILF counterparts. These are the Framework Agreement and the Comprehensive Agreement on Bangsamoro, which the Supreme Court has found unconstitutional. Both contain provisions that contradict existing Philippines laws, apart from the Philippine Constitution itself. Both will subject Christian Filipinos and Lumad Filipinos, as well as Muslim Filipinos, unwilling to be under MILF control to a manner of living they do not prefer.

If only because the Framework Agreement, the Comprehensive Agreement on Bangsamoro and the BBL are facing legal suits from many sectors of Philippine society, suits that are still pending at the Supreme Court and are the subject of a process of amendment in our Congress, these ambassadors should have had the wisdom and decency to refrain from disrespecting our laws and dishonoring our High Court.

The ambassadors who have instigated this unhealthy demonstration of support for the BBL show they are not true friends of the Philippines and the Filipinos. Some of them are also supporters of the biggest political crime ever committed against our Republic, the murder of our election process by the Smartmatic-TIM conglomerate and their PCOS machines.

They are acting to promote their vested interests and the prospect of profiting from Mindanao in a way that they are now unable to do. And they are showing their support for a rebel group, the MILF, against the interests of all Filipinos.


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  1. Read up on the Muslim holy scriptures before anyone favors the BBL…

    I did, and after reading the LIFE OF MUHAMMAD, RELIANCE OF THE TRAVELER,
    TREASURE OF THE WORKER, the QURAN, the HADITHS, etc… I was shocked to learn of the true, evil aims of islam—to convert the whole world to Allah, and run all the governments to install the Islamic Sharia, or kill all of us….

    No wonder there is so much terror and violence and destruction and regression to the 7th century Arabia wherever Islam is…

    Islam is the only religion that orders the killing of anyone who does not believe in it…and aims to submit (‘islam”) the world to Sharia…!

    Look at what’s happening to Europe, Canada, Australia, the US and everywhere Islam
    agitates for an independent islamic state…

    Beware, Filipinos….

  2. Those ambassadors can rant as much as they wish, but our Philippine Constitutional Law must rule ,period. They have no say what is in the best interest of our country other than our lawmakers , who knew what is constitutionally right for our country.

  3. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    20 October 2015

    Those 18 ambassadors who signed on to that Statement favoring the passage of the BBL should be told by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs that “it is none of their business!”

    I suspect that it is President Aquino himself who asked Secretary of Foreign Affiairs Albert del Rosario to “request” those 18 ambassadors to sign on to that Statement which amounts to interference in purely domestic affairs.


    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      Your suspicion has good grounds to stand on. I also sense the same. Because that is the only way this administration could push the BBL in the way prepared by unpatriotic Deles and Coronel. What a mess? The Ambassadors should really be sent back home for interfering in national affairs and Philippine sovereignty God bless the Philippines.

  4. Its because of this lunatic and incompetent President Pnoy ask SOS from foreign government to pursue his BBL which is against the law of our land.. It is unconstitutional…
    This man is really no mind and with no balls…
    To the foreign ambassadors who wants to interfere our Philippine sovereignity, we declare Personae Non Grata to all of you…Please respect our sovereignity!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This BBL is our internal affairs, and not your problems foreign ambassadors…???

    • PNoy and his cohorts must tried of treason after their term. That only happens if the Liberal Party including their allied candidate Grace Poe looses in the presidential elections. But of course, they will probably win with the help of COMELEC by rigging the elections through their magical SMARTMATIC-PCOS machines. Then damnation to the Filipinos continue.

  5. be very careful when dealing with the muslims,they make no deals with infidels that are binding ..none…

  6. What more evidence do we need that the BBL and by extension the MILF is part of a western foreign plot against us?

  7. I fear what has not worked in Europe is now being proposed in Asia. Creating independent enclaves is dangerous and divisive – it maybe argued that there is a de facto Islamic enclave in the Mindanao but that does not mean it should be officially recognized. As Lebanon has found out, to its cost, having armed groups outside the governments control is a potential death knell to peace in the country. Unfortunately politically correct policy would be to give independence without thinking it through – and if nothing else the British ambassador is PC.

  8. These ambassadors are to be declared personae non gratae. But when the UN and Amanda Clooney consider the detention of GMA a violation of human rights, this get’s very much appreciated by the Manila Times. So am I right to assume that the rule of the thumb is: If we foreigners say what pleases we are welcome, but if we say something critical, we should just shut up?

    • Not unless you live in the Jurrasic Period.

      There is such a thing as NON-INTERFERENCE in domestic affairs. Is that enough to keep your mouth shut and just remain friendly in a foreign land? Got it?

  9. These ambassadors are to be declared personae non gratae. But when the UN and Amanda Clooney consider the detention of GMA a violation of human right, this get’s very much appreciated by the Manila Times. So am I right to assume that the rule of the thumb is: If we foreigners say what pleases we are welcome, but if we say something critical, we should just shut up?

    • Aquino’s persecution of GMA clearly violates the PH Constitution. The BBL itself clearly violates the PH Constitution. Thus, MT is actually just being consistent in its effort to defend the PH Constitution. So what’s your beef?

      But let’s say – for the sake of argument – that both instances you cited do constitute outside interference. Don’t you think the nature of such ‘interference’ should also matter?

      On the one hand, here’s the UN whose only ‘interference’ was to call on to uphold GMA’s constitutional rights. Such an action is not out-of-bounds surely. After all, it’s just foreigners calling on us to follow our own laws.

      On the other, here are 18 ambassadors who are calling on to conduct a wholesale violation of the constitutional rights of all non-muslims in Mindanao by forcing them to be subjected to islamic law without their consent.

  10. The 18 ambassadors headed by a muslim ambassador from UK felt very strongly that the passage of BBL will ease up the possible conflict in Mindanao. They would like to bring pressure to the oppositionist to start looking for ways to approve the BBL.
    My thoughts are that the government should continue its peace program to finally give opportunity for peace in the region and make it a prosperous place for the indigenous people, Christians and muslims.