• Defending against a bolo attack


    This is a very dangerous situation for the simple reason that the bolo is longer and heavier than a knife. Because it is longer, it can hit you from afar and because of its larger mass, it can inflict more serious wounds too.

    DEFENSEHowever, if there is no space to retreat or run then you have to do everything to protect your self. For safety and to ensure the correct application of skills, I urge the readers to learn these techniques under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

    Photo 1 shows the assailant confronting the defender with a bolo. In Photo 2, the defender jams the assailant’s weapon hand while simultaneously closing the gap between them by lunging forward. Photo 3 shows the defender quickly grabbing the back of the assailant’s head and simultaneously kneeing him in the mid section. Photo 4 shows the defender transitioning from striking to a figure-four arm lock. In Photo 5, the defender applies more pressure on the assailant’s elbow to outbalance him.

    Photo 6 shows the defender gaining full control over the assailant.                                                                                                                                                  CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS

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    1. Nonsense, I will not go into a scenario where there is small space and a possible hater giving me a blow with his bolo. I will hunt him and finish him with my shotgun in his own house before anything else.