• Defending against a knife attack from a supine position


    supine-position20140223This scenario presents defense against a knife attack from a supine position. For safety and to ensure the correct application of skills, these techniques should only be practiced under the supervision of a quali-fied instructor using an appropriate training knife and eye protection.

    Photo 1 shows the defender checking the knife hand of the attacker as he drops to a supine position after being toppled. In Photo 2 the defender positions his left leg under the right knee of the attacker while still controlling the knife hand. Photo 3 shows the defender executing an armbar after he freed his left leg. Photo 4 shows the defender’s left leg over the face of the attacker and the armbar almost in place. Photo 5 shows the defender completing the armbar by raising his hips thus hyper-extending the attacker’s elbow and shoulder. The knife was also dislodged from the attacker’s grip at this point.

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