• Defending against a knife thrust


    spoThe following techniques are just some of the possible ways of dealing with a street situation wherein you’re against someone with a weapon. In this particular scenario the assailant is armed with a knife.

    Proper caution is to be taken whenever facing such a serious situation. If you could avoid it by running away then by all means do so. But if you can’t, then these skills might be of help. But always remember that there are no guarantees. Anyone would be lucky to survive a knife attack so better be prepared rather than sorry.

    The first picture shows a defensive move by side stepping the knife thrust. The defender catches the weapon (second picture) and immediately follows up with a punch to the face (third picture). The defender then applies pressure to the wrist (fourth photo). By turning his body, the defender was able to put the assailant to the ground and control the whole situation (fifth photo).

    Photos courtesy  of Maestro Fernando Abenir


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