• Defending against a left hook


    boxThe first picture starts with two persons in a fighting stance. The second picture shows a possible defensive maneuver against a hook punch by dodging under it while simultaneously countering with your own left hook to the opponent’s body. The third picture shows another follow up punch to the assailant’s head particularly the jaw to knock him out. If in case the attacker still manages to strike back with a right cross you may parry it with your left hand as seen in picture four then a round kick counter using your shin as a point of impact against the thigh. The aim is to deliver a powerful attack that may temporarily cripple your attacker thus giving you a chance to run away from the fight scene should he decide to pull a knife if he happens to carry one.

    Consider that there is always the possibility of the attacker using deadly force after his initial attempt failed and if he has cohorts ready to press on with the assault.

    Always remember that whatever you decide to do in a street fight be sure to do it decisively and quickly as possible. Meaning if you have no other option but to defend yourself then by all means defend yourself at all cost. But if you do have an option to run away and avoid all the trouble and hassle that might come as an aftermath of the fight then by all means do so. Running away from a fight is not cowardice but rather it is one of the best strategies that you might employ especially if you are outnumbered or outgunned by your assailants.


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