Defending PNP men not impeachable – Aguirre


JUSTICE Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre 2nd said President Rodrigo Duterte cannot be impeached for publicly announcing that he would not allow the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) team involved in the killing of Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa to go to jail.

Aguirre believes that the President made the statement only to emphasize his trust and support to the Philippine National Police in its enforcement of his anti-drug campaign.

He added that President did not commit culpable violation of the Constitution or betrayal of public trust in issuing such statement, contrary to the claims of Senators Leila de Lima and Antonio Trillanes 4th.

“I see nothing wrong. … They’re just making a big issue out of it,” Aguirre said.



The Department of Justice (DOJ) chief had served as a private prosecutor in the impeachment trial of the late Supreme Court chief justice Renato Corona.

Aguirre said Trillanes, who is not a lawyer, “knows nothing” as he rejected the senator’s claim that the President ordered Espinosa’s killing.

He also said there was no demoralization in the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) after the President publicly rejected the agency’s finding that the CIDG team led by Supt. Marvin Marcos killed Espinosa intentionally.

Aguirre earlier said the DOJ would push through with the preliminary investigation on the case filed by the NBI against members of the CIDG Region 8 in connection with the Espinosa slay.

“It will not affect (the proceedings of the case). We will continue our preliminary investigation,” Aguirre said.

The DOJ chief has formed a five-man panel to conduct a preliminary investigation and determine whether there is sufficient evidence to file a case against the policemen involved in the killing of Espinosa and fellow inmate Raul Yap inside the sub-provincial jail in Baybay City last November 5.

In his Department Order No. 890 issued on December 7, Wednesday, Aguirre designated Senior Assistant State Prosecutor Lilian Doris Alejo as chairwoman.

Appointed members were Senior Assistant State Prosecutor Olivia Torrevillas, Assistant State Prosecutor Jinky Dedumo, Assistant State Prosecutor Karla Cabel and Prosecuting Attorney Moises Acayan.

Facing the complaint for multiple murder are Marcos, Supt. Santi Noel Gaspang Matira, Chief Insp. Leo Daio Laraga, Sr. Insp. Deogracia Pedong Diaz, Sr. Insp. Fritz Bioco Blanco, Senior Police Officer (SPO) 4 Juanito Ampado Duarte, SPO4 Melvin Mendoza Caboyit, SPO4 Eric Palattao Constantino, SPO2 Benjamin Layague Dacallos, SPO2 Alphinor Milla Serrano Jr., Police Officer (PO) 3 Johnny Abuda Ibanez, PO3 Norman Tiu Abellanosa, PO2 Niel Patrimonio Centino, PO1 Bernard Rodriguez Orpilla, PO3 Lloyd Ortinez Ortiguesa, PO1 Jerlan Sadia Cabiyaan, PO1 Cristal Jane Briones Gisma and PO1 Divine Grace Baclas Songalia, all assigned to the CIDG Regional Office No. 8 at the Port Area in Tacloban City;

Chief Insp. Calixto Cabardo Canillas Jr., Insp. Lucresito Adana Candelosas, SPO2 Antonio Romangca Docil, SPO1 Mark Christian Castillo Cadilo, PO2 John Ruel Baldevia Doculan and PO2 Jaime Pacuan Bacsal, all assigned to Regional Maritime Unit 8 also at the Port Area in Tacloban City.

Aside from multiple murder, the NBI also recommended the filing of perjury charges against Laraga, Abellanosa and Paul Olendan for maliciously obtaining a search warrant against Espinosa from a Samar judge.



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  1. Aguirre is Duterte’s stooge, Aguirre will always make excuses for his boss,

    The nation can count on Aguirre’s interpretation of what Duterte really meant for the next 6 years.

    The Justice Dept will operate just like it did under the last administration, Aguirre will protect Duterte the same way De Lima protected Aquino and his buddies.

  2. Secretary Aguirre , Please do not let cover up run your department. This is already an admission of the president that this PNP Murderer have license to kill just like his DDS.

  3. Right-minded filipinos must not believe the WIGMAN. He is an impostor who shouted that he is clean and honest. Truth is he accepted bribe from Jack Lam, an on-line gaming gambling lord. He staged an arrest of Jack Lam but tipped him off 3 days before the arrest took place.

    Aguirre is like the Pharisees who pretended to be cleaned a rightful persons but Jesus condenmed them because they are hypocrites.

  4. If no less than the President will not allow the prosecution of these murderers, what then is going to be the purpose of conducting an investigation? For press release?

    First, Duterte was the one who ordered the reinstatement of Marcos. Now he is shielding all of them from prosecution even if, per NBI, there is a “very strong evidence” against them.

    Sec. Aguirre, how can you reconcile that? Supporting his police by saying he will not allow a whitewash is different from saying that he will not allow them to go to jail. In an ideal world where bad eggs do not exist, it would have been acceptable but he knows very well that majority of the names in his drug list are Policemen. This is going to be an interesting sequel…hmm

  5. An announcement by the president that he will not allow, investigation on the murder case of mayor Espinosa, is already an obstruction of justice, even though he just announced it. It is already in the media, video speeches on TV. That is already a solid evidence. He is the president anything he said is a law, to many. The ombudsman said saying is different from doing. In my view saying is already doing, he can be impeach.