• Defense against a stick choke


    In most styles of Filipino martial arts, the shaft and the butt of the stick are employed to execute locks, throws and chokes with the latter considered the most lethal. This particular defense against a choke with a stick involves a throw. Needless to say, practicing throws and takedowns should be done on a mat or soft surface to prevent injuries.

    Photo 1 shows the assailant with a stick standing behind the defender. Photo 2 shows the assailant starting to apply a choke on the defender using his stick. Photo 3 shows the defender grabbing the stick to protect his neck from the pressure of the choke. Photo 4 shows the defender twisting his body to release himself from the stick choke. Photo 5 shows the defender maneuvering the assailant’s weapon to execute a throw. Photo 6 shows the assailant being violently slammed to the ground.

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