• Defense chief howls foul at disinformation campaign to oust him


    DEFENSE Secretary Voltaire Gazmin on Tuesday expressed belief that he is the subject of a disinformation campaign by people interested in his position.

    Gazmin was reacting to reports that he was on his way out even as he stressed that he is ready to go anytime if the President says so.

    “I am ready to vacate my position if the President has already lost his trust and confidence in me. I serve at the pleasure of the President. So if I am replaced, thank you, if not, thank you also,” Gazmin added.

    The Defense chief said that he has no idea on the identity of the person behind the smear campaign against him with a view to taking his defense post.

    The rumor on Gazmin’s supposed exit circulated after he and the President, along with several other members of the Cabinet visited Bohol’s earthquake-devastated areas.

    “I was surprised. There are rumors that I will be replaced by somebody, we never talked about this in Bohol. The issue never came out,” he said.

    Gazmin explained that he saw no other plausible explanation for the disinformation issued but a media spin by people motivated by their own selfish interest.

    Gazmin expressed belief that some people wanted to break his close relationship with the Aquino clan.

    Gazmin, who is from Moncada, Tarlac, served as commander of the Presidential Security Group during the incumbency of the President’s mother and was instrumental in defending the Palace in a series of coup attempts from people who wanted to topple the Aquino government then.


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