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Ej Lopez

Ej Lopez

Despite the what seem to be relentless play of “nature’s game” to our country thereby exposing us to the danger of a probable or what could now be a regular occurrence of natural disasters, we cannot discount the resolute attitudes of the Filipinos in facing all these seemingly incessant adversities. These recent waves of misfortunes that includes very recent the death of at least 20 people in a trifling motor accident, is not what should identify us in the community of nations.The regretful episodes that have lately defined our country among the international community should serve as a challenge for the local investors and consumers as well; that despite the avalanche of difficulties that befell, we will always rise up from all the trials and tribulations that come along our way and come up victorious and resuscitated.

The political arena which as of late has been the subject of vilifications caused by leadership misrepresentations and unpopular decisions has added to the continuous sinking reputation of this administration. Now more than ever, this regime that previously has been thought to be apolitical and forgivingseems to have tread the crossroads of political interests and preservation. Much to the consternation of the people, in a situation like the recent catastrophes, where leadership qualities should have shone at its brightest, none were visible except for others and more who have shown more concern and piety. Yet, despite the apparent political pitfalls that have been unwittingly or wittingly committed, pronouncements meant to cover-up rather than to rectify management blunder is what defines this administration lately that have become apparent in the midst of these adversities.

In the long-run, this political and leadership miscalculations could create negative repercussions in our economic and business front. People’s trust and confidence that outlined the growth and stability of this nation for the past few years could create a turnaround for the worse as it becomes pretty apparent that other leadership indicators that characterizes what a good leader is, is not about and nowhere to be found in the present crop of local political rule.

Businessmen and investors as well though indirectly affected by the spontaneous political insensitivity, will somehow display the vulnerability of everyone whose personal interest may have run-over the interest of the powers that be. The leadership hierarchy who were previously perceived as receptive to the needs of the citizenry turned out to be sensitive only, in accordance to their “political affiliations.”

The year that was
The current year that is about to be brought into a close in more than a week’s time can be classified as one of the most worth remembering, at least in this millennium. It was a year of ups and downs both in terms of personal and national economic accomplishments, an economic fete seldom seen in an emerging market like the Philippines. Approximately, 20 times has stock market index points were breached, attesting to the fact that local stock market is alive and kicking well. This was achieved despite the relatively depressed market in more developed regions, illustrating further that our bourse has independently come on its own and has bloomed into maturity.

Several times the international credit rating agencies has upgraded our country a level each time until finally granting us the much sought after investment grade rating. This has qualified us to be a part of the elite group of countries where investors should troop to for a more conducive and friendly business environment. Our thrust of breaching the economic tiger status has again been rekindled by these positive reviews. All systems in place and was complemented further by the continued high approval rating consistently displayed by the population.

It could have been thought to be a breakthrough towards the much sought economic development and stability the country has long been aspiring to become. But the recent turn of events seem to have turned the tide against our favor. What was supposed to be an economic development that is within our reach now looks remote and more elusive.

But the indomitable spirit of the Filipino will never wane and this dream of a stable economy and tiger status will always be a factor in our nation’s thrust that sooner than later will be a reality.

“Wishing you all the best that this Christmas can give”

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    • Mr Ty:

      It is matter of being committed with what is happening around us and proactive lest the government abuses its power. It is not a matter of who sits in the throne of power but vigilance is the best weapon to bad government.