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    Did he?
    That is, that he failed to establish himself as an “active” member of the General Assembly of the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC).

    Such alleged failure on the part of boxing boss Ricky Vargas could disqualify him yet again from running against incumbent POC president Jose Cojuangco in this coming Friday’s elections for the helm of local sports’ most powerful arbiter on who should be and who should be out in the athletes’ roster of the various National Sports Associations or NSAs.

    Neither the POC itself nor Vargas has come up with even a vague definition of “active,” much less an explanation of the term on which depends the fate of Vargas and of cycling supremo and Rep. Abraham Tolentino, that is, again, if they would be allowed to run as POC president and POC chairman, respectively, in the February 23 voting.

    We all know that to be “not active” is to be “passive,” which if Vargas is supposed to be guilty of means that he has not attended or been attending meeting/s of the POC General Assembly.

    The presumption, of course, is that Cojuangco and his cohorts have been religiously present in any meeting or all meetings of such assembly.

    It all boils down to the “decision” of the “POC elections committee”—the same one that threw out Vargas’ candidacy in balloting held in late 2016—to possibly declaring him yet again as ineligible to contest what is perhaps the most coveted position in any country’s sports firmament.

    Vargas and company should not raise their hopes too high that there would be elections two days from now for that matter.

    In fact, they can forget about raising anything at all.

    It was reported on Tuesday, February 20, that “[t]he [Friday] election[s]will not push through.”

    Also, chess official and Rep. Prospero Pichay said in a meeting on Monday, February 19, to resolve the leadership issue at the POC, those supposed elections were not discussed.

    According to Pichay, they only talked about a letter from the IOC whose contents apparently were instructions to hold Monday’s General Assembly.

    Pichay is said to be close to Cojuangco.

    So, if there would be no elections, as scheduled, neither the POC boss nor the pretender to Cojuangco’s throne and turf needs to define what “active” is.

    Meanwhile, expect the Philippines to lay big fat eggs in the 2020 Asian Games and 2022 Olympic Games as a result of the chaos apparently sown by old men in the old boys’ network of Philippine sports.


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