Deguito admits opening Go account at RCBC branch


The Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC) branch manager Maia Deguito’s admission that she opened an account for William Go, a Filipino-Chinese businessman, on orders of a certain Kim Wong proves that she violated bank rules and committed a serious crime, the bank president’s counsel said.

Deguito made the admission in a TV interview on March 14.

The identity of Kim Wong was not immediately clear, but his name was included in the list of six persons investigated by the Anti-Money Laundering Council.

“This is a major break in the case and could prove devastating for Deguito because nobody can legally open an account for somebody else. Perhaps realizing she made a huge mistake, she is now saying the specimen signature of Go was not forged,” said Francis Lim, counsel for RCBC president Lorenzo Tan.

Go, through his lawyer Ramon Esguerra, however, had disowned the account.

He claimed that he was initially offered P10 million by Deguito to “own” it and the amount was doubled to P20 million by an unnamed lawyer in a subsequent meeting.
Go said he refused both offers.

Lim said Deguito has a lot to explain because her admission implies a violation of bank rules and the law.

According to him, the Jupiter branch manager now has at least two persons contradicting her statements: Go and Tan.

Tan earlier described as an “outright lie” Deguito’s claim that he knew of the transactions involving $81 million deposited in four accounts in the Jupiter branch.

Deguito subsequently said she “assumed” that Tan knew about it because of the big amount involved.

Lim said the admission will definitely influence the discussion when the Senate blue ribbon committee conducts a hearing about the supposed money-laundering issue involving RCBC.

Meanwhile, the Philippine National Police (PNP) also on Monday said it is ready to help the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) in its investigation of the controversy.
PNP chief Ricardo Marquez said he believes in the capability of the Anti-Cybercrime Group.



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  1. Deguito is obviously in trouble but who will implicate with her in RCBC. 100 percent, it is a group of officers in RCBC. This bank must investigate who among their ranks worked with Deguito to launder the money. Why was the stop payment order not implemented while the order came early morning and it was only served late afternoon when all the money is gone ? How can Deguito afford to pay a high class attorney Topacio while bank managers only earn 50 to 55 thousand a month. Topacio legal services must cost a few hundred thound pesos or over. Million pesos.

  2. Napeste itong mga Intsik..sabi ko na nga ilang sa mga sanglay na ito ay walang magawang mabuti. Basa ka ng dyaryo ..Intsik Huli sa shabu..Intsik na Bangko sabit sa money laundering..Intsik may ari ng bank account sabit sa money laundering.. Intsik nang-agaw ng lupa sa dagat..Intsik na Abnoy…hayyy mga sanglay perwisyo kayo.

  3. Deguito could just be a small fish in this fiasco. The authorities should go deeper in their investigation. Any of them could just deny and pin the blame on her.

  4. matinong pinoy on

    Arrest everybody involved, put them behind bar, and deny any bail request from any of those accused and start investigation. It is very clear from the beginning that this is an inside job, and couple of agencies should be assigned investigating this case for several reasons. First, is for transparency reason and secondly, always suspect that existence of moles (kasabwat) inside an investigating agency that might jeopardize the outcome of the investigation processes.

    AMLC should request help from the NBI as well, besides having the finest, from the PNP. It should be a joint effort and give them the authority and independence to do their job and follow all the leads wherever it may lead them. If they do their job right, this may lead them who the real owner of the huge amount of money, such as candidate(s) running for the highest office of the land. .

    If I were involved in the investigation, I would be asking myself the timing of the transaction, first and foremost. Secondly, I would round up all the suspects, take them somewhere, such as place equipped with cameras, recording devices, and lie detector machines. The method that I would use during interrogation is very effective, like extracting information from a captured prisoner of war and every bit of information may lead to another, bigger and better. Respect, dignity and all that shit that human right lawyers asking me to do during the interrogation will be disregarded and thrown out of the window. As a matter of fact, I would start by taking away their dignity by slapping them and spitting on their faces before asking questions.