• Deguito out to malign me – Tan


    Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC) president Lorenzo Tan dismissed claims that stolen money found its way into the bank because of the participation of high-ranking bank officials, maintaining that had no involvement in the entry of $81 million.

    Maia Santos Deguito, former bank manager of RCBC-Jupiter branch in Makati City earlier claimed that a crime of such magnitude could only have been carried out with the participation of higher bank officials, including Tan.

    But Tan dismissed as “implausible” the “rehashed” claim of Deguito.

    He said Deguito concocted yet another yarn by blaming bank officials, particularly him, to conceal the truth.

    The RCBC chief said Deguito wantonly violated bank protocols and standard operating procedures to facilitate the money-laundering scheme.

    “Deguito is only out to malign my reputation and take the blame off her, to cover up her fraudulent actions or gross negligence,” Tan said.

    Deguito told senators on Tuesday that her only fault was that she believed and trusted Tan.

    Casino junket operator Kim Wong accused two Chinese high-rollers—Gao Shuhua of Beijing and Ding Zhize of Macau of pulling off the $81-million heist with the assistance of Deguito and PhilRem Services Corp.

    Tan said Deguito’s claim that she was just following instructions clearly violated the law.

    “The truth is that based on bank protocols and standard operating procedures, Deguito’s admitted actions in facilitating this money-laundering scheme are, to say the least, negligent and in blatant violations of bank policy,” Tan added.

    “To save herself from inevitable liability, she now turns to blame the higher officials of the bank, and ultimately me, because she had an impression that I ‘could not have been unaware’ of said transactions,” he added.

    “I have no knowledge, nor did I participate, in the opening of the bank accounts subject of the hearing, as she so claims. I did not give any instructions to her to, as she says, ‘take care of my friends,’ and proceed with the transactions,” he said. “This is why it pains me that Ms. Deguito, speaking under oath, continue to stand by her untruthful statements and implicate me in matters of which I had no knowledge or participation.”


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    1. Criminal minds like Deguito would always find ways to go around the rules. She
      acted solely on the transaction, took advantage and abused her power as branch

    2. People should stop with the argument na “hindi niya naman magagawa yan unless..” – that is a big assumption to make. How will you know unless may actual knowledge ka if bank procedures. As far as i know walang banko in the world where the Pres himself has to approve transactions. Deguito did say na “inutusan siya” – while not impossible, she has not given any proof except her word which has changed from “inassume ko alam niya” to “alam niya”.

    3. obvious naman si deguito eh. nandadamay ng mataas para masabing kunwari pawn lang siya at biktima rin siya.
      bumenta na yan, pati yang sakit-sakitan niya. wag siyang magpaawa. 175k/month nga condo niya ngayon sa rockwell, papalitpalit pa ng designer bag.

    4. “The truth is that based on bank protocols and standard operating procedures, Deguito’s admitted actions in facilitating this money-laundering scheme are, to say the least, negligent and in blatant violations of bank policy,” Tan added.
      “To save herself from inevitable liability, she now turns to blame the higher officials of the bank, and ultimately me, because she had an impression that I ‘could not have been unaware’ of said transactions,” he added.

      Exactly the mindset of a criminal being caught like Deguito. Pin the crime to others that people may warrant to be true.

    5. Joey Tribbiani on

      If I was Deguito and I was caught going rogue, of course I would try to implicate the top executives so that public will side with me in a conspiracy theory that this is bigger than it is. That’s my only out. If I don’t involve my bosses, no one would believe that I am just a pawn.

      That’s a smart cliche and I refuse to fall for that esp when evidences tell otherwise.

    6. Valerie Garcia on

      Where is Deguito’s proof against Tan? So far, nothing.

      Deguito is all assumptions to drag people with her and has no credibility. She cannot prove her claims and lies against Tan. Just her say-so, which does not hold water. On the other hand, there are solid proof that Deguito has violated banking rules and processes and is a central figure in a criminal activity.

    7. Why would a person of Tan’s stature risk name and reputation for 81 million? 81 million is too small. Methinks that a person like Tan would rather go big or not at all. The risk is too big for a small reward.

    8. You know what they say: tell a big lie and tell it often enough and people will start believing it. That is the motto of deguito (branch manager) and her team. Im sad to say the majority of the public are falling for it

    9. anong amend nila na law sa banko.. repeal the bank secrecy law.. para malaman ng taong bayan kung saan nanggaling ang perang pinakakakitaan nila lalo na ang mga taong gobyerno na nagsisilbi para sa mamayng Filipino.. Sa Pilipinas madaling makapagnakaw ang kahit sino man.. Pumapayag sila na hindi ang tunay na tao ang makapagwidraw ng milyones na pera, tulad lang ni Erap nuong araw na forge ang pirma thru proxy.. Kaya madaling makapag withdraw ng pera sa banko..Gawin ninyo tulad ng Bank Law ng Saudi..Siguradong hindi makapagnakaw ang mga magnanakaw sa pera ng bayan..

    10. The problem with Deguito is that she is manufacturing conspiracy theories without any evidence to back them up. What proof can she produce to show that Tan, indeed, ordered her to accomodate Kim Wong? Even Wong denies that, while Deguito shows no proof nor corroboration on that matter. Regarding greenlighting the transactions to go through, it does not necessarily take the top man to authorize or approve those. There are others within the heirarchy who can do that. Deguito is only casting aspersions without any evidence. It makes good melodrama, but it does not hold up. In the meantime, she attempts to ruin a person who has had a sterling reputation throughout many years in the banking industry. In the end, Lorenzo Tan may have to step aside and resign as CEO of RCBC. Not because he was directly complicit, but because his name was besmirched by someone throwing smoke bombs just to camouflage her criminal behavior.

      • alvintsamaria68@yahoo.com on

        Just connect the dots & you will realize that this kind of scheme will not materialize without people who knows the inner workings & connection in the banking industry. Connect all the the people mentioned in the media all of them saying they all met in social gathering. Then all of a sudden the filing of lawsuit left & right to Deguito……

      • Agreed. I hate it when people fall for her blatant bold-faced lies and victim act. Let’ examin this supposed victim: (1) she contradicted herself several times eg she told dzmm that “we follow a process so i assumed that tan knew” but in the news she makes it seem tan directly had knowledge; (2) all testimonies of tthe other involved people only ever point at deguito; (3) her illegal areangement with the rediscounting involving a person from another bank; (4) when confeonted with evidence on the fictitious accounts, she tried to muddle the issues by implying that the evidence may be doctored because she was terminated feb 16 (conveniently leaving out the year) when she opened and vouched on the authenticy of the accounts (documented) in may and june 2015. Obvious and planned attempt to influence public perception to the bank’s detriment

    11. This is a big money laundering syndicate entrenched in RCBC. This will only prosper in connivance with the RCBC higher ups. And of course, Tan is definitely part of it. Kaya nga nila kinuha si Deguito from EastWest dahil dirty player din ito. Imagine kilala na nya si William Go even before. Kaya lang naman pumutok ito dahil hacked ang original funds. Then para magtakipan ang mga intsik, ang ginawang scape goat si Deguito at Torres. Kung ako si Deguito, since dead woman walking na rin siya e sasabihin ko na ang lahat sa open hearing, as in everything she knows about the money laundering machinery ni Tan. Huwag sa executive dahil itatago lang ito ng mga senators. Didn’t you notice na walang nagtatanong kay William Go about his asking Deguito for 10% of the $81M. Alam na yan ng mga senators. Nag iisip lang sila ng ways kung paano maihulog sa kumukulong mantika si Deguito na hindi matatalsikan si Tan et al. Yung nawawalang $17M? Ibinigay ng Philrem kay Tan.

      • please dont assume. You are talking about years and years of reputation building and hardwork in career para siraan lang. Ngayon ok na to hold a person guilty by association when deguito aside from her self-serving testimonies have not shown proof and has not been able to explain the proof against her. Careful lang and imagine if someone accuses yoi of something not true about you and find yourself having to defend yourseld against lies

    12. I have a friend in a similar situation of Deguito who was also fired out due to lapses in compliance with bank higher-ups. Such a big amount, a lowly bank manager has no say unless instructed to do it. My bank auditor background can pin point who is at fault on this RCBC case.

      • How? She can pinpoint without knowing facts and evidence? Only based ontestimonies and news articles? All i know definitely there are lapses from the higher ups but dont immediately assume inutusan lang ang employee. When there is intent to do a crime, any person – big or small – can find a way and look for loopholes and disregard laws, procedure and policies