Deguito, Torres sacked


Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC) has fired MaiaSantos-Deguito, the manager of the bank’s Jupiter Branch, and her assistant, Angela Torres, for falsification of commercial documents and breach of policies.

In a statement late Tuesday, RCBC said the two officials violated policies and procedures and falsified commercial documents to facilitate the laundering of $81 million in stolen money.

“Other branch and bank officials are expected to be meted out various sanctions ranging from termination to suspension in the coming days when the internal investigation is expected to be completed,” the Yuhengco-owned bank said.

It added that appropriate charges will be filed in court against Deguito and Torres next week.

Deguito appeared at the Senate inquiry into the money scam last week but she only disclosed what she knew of the bank transaction behind closed doors.

Senators said the manager of the Jupiter Branch in Makati City (Metro Manila) can be made a state witness so that she can testify against other bank officials involved in the scam.

Senator Sergio Osmena 3rd said they offered to place Deguito under the Witness Protection Program (WPP) but she turned it down.

Senator Aquilino Pimentel 3rd said the bank manager “is a potential state witness against some people who are more guilty.”

But Sen. Joseph Victor Ejercito said Deguito should show that she is the least guilty.

“In fact, aside from her former senior customer relations officer [Torres], all other witnesses are contradicting her claim of innocence in this story,” Ejercito pointed out.

Osmena earlier said Deguito’s testimony is closer to the truth because it can be verified.

Deguito has claimed that businessman William So Go demanded 10 percent of the $81 million that was stolen by hackers from the Bangladesh Bank. The money was transferred to four bank accounts opened at the RCBC Jupiter Branch.


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  1. Dr. Chrisostomo Phd on

    Mr. Go should have used Marcos’ personal bankers in Switzerland to avoid the money being traced back to him and to avoid court prosecution. There are several ways to launder ill gotten wealth under the prying eyes of Philippine government. He should have consulted Imelda Marcos for some tips. Perhaps the 81 mil should have been transferred to countries like Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Bermuda, Monaco, or any of the Caribbean islands. Afterwards, buy an expensive piece of real estate in New York, the Hamptons, Malibu, or Hawaii. No one is going to find out, all legitimate.
    As for Mrs. Santos Deguito and Ms. Torres, getting terminated from your jobs is not the end of the world. They can both set up a small business together. Mrs. Santos Deguito can sell “tuyo” and “dilis” on the streets of Manila and Ms. Torres and cook and sell fish balls in her own cart along the streets of Makati. Better to earn a few pesos, then nothing!

  2. unemloyed bum on

    Deguito, Torres, and William Go, and the bank president know everything to include the numbers of people involved in this illegal transaction. They should have arrested everybody from the beginning, denied their rights for having a lawyer during questioning and should have hired people like me to interrogate these suspects.

    What the government should have done is to put the suspects in a holding area in Camp Crame, waiting for my arrival and there should be about ten (10) people to be interrogated. I would then board these suspects into a military helicopter and instruct the pilot to hoover 1,000 feet above manila bay with doors open. While hovering, I would then push one of them out of the door just to create fear. I would then ask question and push the second person and the next person, even for no reason. Three people pushed out of the helicopter door at the height of 1,000 feet? Any question that will be asked next will be answered promptly and honesty. I would have been gainfully employed as a consultant and helped the government in return.

  3. Now that it was proven AMLC is just an inutile monitoring agency…NBI should also start investigating the executives of this agency for possible conspiracy with the banks and casinos involved…..

  4. The biggest problem with RCBC will be the cover up. I will not be surprised if the Secret Service, FBI and Interpol is secretly feeding the BSP and AMLAC with sensitive information relating to the heist. We all knowt hat there was a breach in the Federal Reserve of NY ( not an ordinary bank)main function is to implement monetary policy, supervises and regulates financial institutions and helps maintain the nation’s payment systems (this is big time), therefore the US may also be red faced with this incident but don’t”totally” expose them to media because of their pending investigation. The most guilty here is the syndicate which hired these hackers which is very difficult to identify because they are using sophisticated computers and network (like the silk road) and normally the FBI using some kind of entrapment, to get these hackers which takes some time and hoping for the hackers to make one mistake. So, to make my story short, the Philippines blue ribbon investigation on live TV is just a concoction to show the international financial regulators (like FATF) that we are transparent hoping that we won’t get blacklisted for the second time. The Philippines is very good in crafting laws on the surface but the loopholes in implementation is laden with”legal corruption” (Binay’s family and Philrem included), that uses topnotch lawyers and politicians in the scheme. Philippines in the eyes of professional money launderers is one of several countries that embraces corruption ,thus very attractive for “Dirty Money”.

    There is a saying in the Philippines that if you steal you have to steal “big” so you can go to a foreign country and be declared missing (not fugitive) while enjoying your stolen people’s money.

  5. arturo b. odejar on

    For the protection for herself and her family…she should avail herself wih the gov’t witness protection program. I am so in doubt with her refusal and asked….does she tell the truth and nothing but the truth?

  6. AMLC is part of the cover up. AMLC officials are covering up for RCBC and maybe a much bigger bank (which may not be involved in the current heist but may indeed also have questionable transactions that have gone below the radar of regulator scrutiny.)

    RCBC president LORENZO V. TAN and Banco de Oro president NESTOR V. TAN are brothers. In 2012, a relative – a former official of RCBC Securities died in Subic while swimming with a friend who happens to own the NEW yacht they sailed on and and known to be ONE of the OWNERS of PHILREM.

    RCBC and BDO are the only two banks affiliated with PHILREM. You can verify on its website and see for yourself:

    PHILREM is also part of the conspiracy. Its Chinese owners OUGHT TO BE UNMASKED! But, not one SENATOR ever bothered to request the representatives from the Securities and Exchange Commission who were present at the two senate hearings to submit or present to the committee the articles of incorporation and related documents of PHILREM.

    AMLC and DOJ are running after the small and medium size fishes. The BIG SHARKS – RCBC and PHILREM (maybe BDO, too?) are being cuddled by them.


    • The ties that bind.

      Jerome Tan is the former RCBC Securities official.

      SMIC (SM Investments Corp) and Belle Corporation (co-owner of Tagaytay Highlands – the getaway of the Philippine’s rich and famous together with SM Group) are JOINT VENTURE partners of Melco Crown in forming and establishing Manila’s newest casino “City of Dreams.”

      Hmmm… that’s where a huge chunk of the money was laundered.

  7. Dequito is one of the crooks. and now she will go scot free as state witness. smells like the justice system has been bribed already. the country is a joke.

  8. So RCBC is cleansing itself. But the official (Ms. Torres) has already resigned. In an interview with Anthony Taberna and Gerry Baja of DZMM, she resigned because of the harassment by the bank battery of lawyers. On several occasions she was called to the Head Office with the same questions asked. Apparently, these lawyers wanted her to sign an affidavit that will exculpate the bank and points only Ms. Deguito as the culprit. The bank is protecting its high officials and are making it appear only these two lowly employees are capable of doing the misdeeds. I do not think the public buys that.

    Come to think of, it is very difficult to open an account with any bank because of its stringent requirements. Besides, the minimum balance is so high and maintaining it is expensive considering bank charges. Obviously, bank’s policy is anti-people though pro-rich.

  9. Do not make Deguito as a state witness. How stupid can you guys be. Without her, this whole robbery will not happen. She orchestrated the whole thing.

    • as stupid as you are! without her the bank can easily instruct/ intimidate / order other manager to facilitate the transfer. It is obviously beyond the the branch manager’s control or power to transfer such amount without higher up’s approval or involvement

    • the transfer of an $81m account to a local bank account requires clearances from senior bank officials and goes through a series of webs of process before it could be approved. Dequito is just an ordinary branch manager and a kindergarten could very well know she could not do it by herself… even the bank executives could not have facilitated it without the aid of government agencies like AMLC by looking the other way… remember that the Philippines in the bedlam of corruption in the whole of Asia and now aspiring to be the world’s greatest…..

  10. There is no question that Dequito is guilty, but to risk her position for that money of which part may have gone to her pocket, there must be someone else higher than her who encouraged her to do it, and made her feel she will be okay. Ejercito seems to point the finger to her alone, maybe I am wrong, but, this is not as simple as that. There must have been transactions similar to this before, for lesser amounts, then they went for the big one and was caught. Investigators should look at the history of the bank in the last 10-15 years to dig up the facts. Look at the CEO, the president, the manager, etc. This just happened to be caught but there must be preceding transactions that made these people rich.

  11. Let the American FBI investigate this crime if anyone wants to get all the criminals, the Philippine’s senate is not qualified to investigate anything. Most of the senate are nothing but thieves who gave their pork barrel millions to Napoles in exchange for kickbacks and these are the clowns that are investigating a banking scandal.

    Give them 50 million peso’s each and they will vote whatever way you want.
    Criminals investigating crimes (only in the Philippines)

    • Well said..These senatong are just there for free publicity…All Blah blah blah…The Best thing they should do is Amend Anti Money Laundering Law so the Filipinos will Vote all you Senate and Congress Clowns again…

  12. Like what Mar Roxas and Emilia Abaya is doing against Al Vitangcol at DOTC, Dequito and Torres are merely sacrificial lambs of RCBC.