IT may take some time before the Sandiganbayan can take action on the plunder complaint filed against senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. and Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada and businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles because the anti-graft court will have to wait for the Supreme Court’s (SC) decision on a petition challenging the case and the Ombudsman’s request for the creation of a special division that will handle “pork” cases.

    Executive Clerk of Court IV Renato Bocar, the anti-graft court’s temporary spokesman for the cases, said the plunder case will not be raffled off until the High Court comes up with its decision.

    “We cannot preempt whatever the decision of the Supreme Court is, who they will make members of the special division, if there will be one or two divisions as requested by the Ombudsman,” he told reporters in an interview on Tuesday.

    The Supreme Court en banc has asked the Sandiganbayan to comment on the request of the Ombudsman within three days from notice.

    The anti-graft court raffles off cases on Fridays but Bocar said it is not certain if the plunder complaint against the three senators will be included in the raffling off of cases on Friday.

    “No special raffle will be held regarding these cases and the Sandiganbayan will wait for the Supreme Court to act on the Ombudsman’s request to create a special division,” Bocar said.

    But if the SC creates a special division, a raffle will be unnecessary because all the cases related to the pork barrel scam will be assigned to it, he noted.

    “It is up to the Supreme Court who they will select as members of a special division. The justices [in the Joseph Estrada plunder hearings]were handpicked by the Supreme Court.

    It was considered who would be retiring soon, who were appointed by former President
    Estrada, who inhibited,” Bocar explained.

    Currently, the anti-graft court has five divisions. Each division has three magistrates.

    Bocar said the special division, if ever created, would have a challenging workload because of the sheer number of people included in the “pork” charge sheet.

    But since no division has been appointed to handle the plunder case, the motions filed by some of the accused will not be acted upon, he added.

    “The filed [motions]are just staying at the docket section. The court will not take action [on the motions]because the cases have not yet been assigned to a division,” Bocar also explained.

    Revilla, his chief of staff Richard Cambe, Budget Undersecretary Mario Relampagos, Rosario Nuñez, Lalaine Paule and Marilou Bare have filed motions for judicial determination of probable cause immediately after the filing of the criminal complaint.

    The court will issue a warrant of arrest once it determines that there is probable cause. Bocar said

    Also on Tuesday, Jessica “Gigi” Reyes, Enrile’s former chief of staff, asked the SC to issue a temporary restraining order (TRO) that will stop the Sandiganbayan from trying the case.

    In her petition, Reyes asked the High Court to issue a TRO or a writ of preliminary injunction against the Office of the Ombudsman, which she accused of gravely abusing its discretion for not giving weight to the evidence she submitted showing that all the documents linking her to the pork scam are “forged, false and fictitious.”

    “The Office of the Ombudsman committed grave abuse of discretion in relying upon mere suspicions, surmises and conjectures in concluding that petitioner ‘acted in connivance’ and ‘in concert’ with Senator Enrile on the mere basis of her position as chief of staff and alleged authorized representative of the latter,” she said.

    Reyes also asked the SC to remand the plunder case to the Office of the Ombudsman so that it can hold another preliminary investigation. She said she was not furnished copies of the testimony of Ruby Tuason, who was accepted as state witness.

    “Thus, the joint resolution of the Ombudsman, dated March 28, 2014, as against petitioner is void and tainted with nullity. For, as held by the Supreme Court, a denial of procedural due process is a grave jurisdictional defect which renders the judgment void,” Reyes added.

    She also questioned the grant of immunity to Tuason and the other whistleblowers like Benhur Luy. According to her, the Ombudsman violated Section 17 Rule 119 of the 2000 Rules of Criminal Procedure since Tuason and the group of Luy were among “the most guilty” in the pork barrel scam.

    She noted that those admitted into the Witness Protection Program are the most guilty because they admitted during a Senate hearing that they forged the signatures of lawmakers and members of their staff in pork-related documents.

    Reyes claimed that Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales allowed a series of clarificatory hearings with Tuason and Luy but she was denied the same privilege despite requesting it. She said she could have proven that her signatures appearing in the pork barrel documents were fake.

    “The Ombudsman gave Tuason and other whistleblowers undue advantage, preference and benefits prejudicial to petitioner which amount to selective or discriminatory prosecution,” Reyes added.

    As to the affidavits of Luy and his companions, she said they are simply hearsay.


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    1. Keith Bogans on

      The three senators said that they dont need to be arrested because they will voluntarily surrender.

      The rest of the defendants in the plunder case should follow the example of the lawmakers and help speed up the prosecution of this case.

      Only the GUILTY will want to delay the trial and buy time while looking for a way to escape life in prison. The innocent will want his name cleared as speedily as possible.

    2. Kapag si ordinaryong Juan De La Cruz ay nag kasala at hindi pa iyon
      napapatunayan kulong agad ito. Dahilan walang perang pag tustus upang
      kumuha ng batikang abugado o sa aking abugago. Pera pera lang ang
      katapat sa systema natin sa Pinas. One for the Poor who can’t afford
      and sa May pera at malaking konektion at alam naman natin itong lahat.
      Iyan ang malaking dahilan kaya tayo pinag tatawananng mga ibang bansa
      pati na ang China.

      Well blame it to our said Honorable Leaders who do not care at all.
      When will it ever end. The entire system needs to be reformed dahil
      we are selling ourselves to the dogs.

    3. Juan de la Cruz kailan ka mabibigyan ng katarungan? Mga juez ay nasa bulsa ng may pera at mga mandarambong ay paguloy ang fiesta. Bayan hanggang kailan mo matitis ang pang aabuso ng mga professional hustler ng congresso.

    4. luy admitted that they forged the signature simple fake ang signature edi walang alam ang inaakusahan, only a matter of time dismiss lahat ang kaso nyan sayang lang pera nang taong bayan, wala silang nanakawin kung hindi sa paresident na nagbigay nang pdaf at dap, na dapat sa local executives ibinigay hindi sa mambabatas na ang trabaho ay magpasa nang batas at busisiin ang budget na ibinigay sa executive

    5. There is what we call justice delayed justice denied. Of course, these culprits can manipulate everything including our justice system. Think about the billions of pesos they got? They can afford hiring thousandths of lawyers to protect them. I am really disgust our politicians who are just milking our government. If you see their picture in the news as if they are proud of themselves of what are they doing. These people have no kaluluwa and I don’t know how they can sleep? Poor Juan de la Cruz always laging nalamangan. But its our people who will be blame also. By just small amount of penny handed to them during election time. They will vote these questionable politicians. My advice to our kababayans please make sure they will vote the right person. Not just because they are your favorite actors and actresses. Now its just in the corner the year of 2016

    6. I find it laughable. It seems no one wants to get this sorted. Let them do this first, no we must see that first. Its a shambles as is usual in the philippines.

    7. Rocky Coronel on

      It is important that all accused including this Gigi Reyes be detained in a not so comfortable cell for them to cooperate in the trial and not resort to deliberately delaying the case. If innocent as they claim, the more that delays must be avoided.

    8. Alfred Salon on

      Atty. Gigi Reyes has the basis. She questioned the grant of immunity to Tuason and the other whistle blowers like Benhur Luy because they themselves were the most guilty in the Pork Barrel Scam. They had admitted during a Senate hearing they forged the signatures of Lawmakers and the members of their staff.

    9. The Petitions for TRO by Gigi Reyes , et.al. and determination of probable cause are merely dilatory tactic of defendant-respondents to prolong the final issuance of warrants of arrests and proceedings on the merit. The Sandiganbayan or SC must act with deliberate dispatch and speed in resolving these ancillary petitions and proceed right away to the main trial, which must also be continues until the termination of these cases!