Deles: SAF should be held accountable


BESIDES “passionately” defending the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in her conversation with Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Presidential Peace Adviser Teresita Quintos-Deles also argued that accountability should be exacted from the side of the police commandos who stormed the rebel lair on Jan 25 in Mamasapano town in Maguindanao province.

At one point during the conversation between the two officials, a digital copy of which has been obtained by The Manila Times, Deles stopped short of branding the Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) as the “enemy” who entered the MILF territory.

Marcos brought to her attention the report about the MILF’s alliance with the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), whose combatants also joined the fray and killed a number of SAF commandos.

“They (MILF and BIFF) fought together against government forces,” noted Marcos, chairman of the Senate Committee on Local Government that hears the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

Correcting Marcos, Deles denied that the MILF deliberately swooped down on the policemen with the help of the BIFF.

“Not together but they saw the same enemy coming at them. Kasi pumasok talaga sila (SAF),” she pointed out.

Deles also argued that the failure to coordinate mainly caused the incident because it did not pass through the ceasefire mechanisms that were set up to prevent such things from happening. This statement, however, angered Marcos.

“I didn’t feel there’s any mechanism at work because they surrounded them and killed every single one. The reinforcements coming pinatay din nila (they were also shot dead). (There was) no mechanism, there was just all out war. They were taking no prisoners,” the lawmaker said in a loud voice.

Deles admitted that the mechanism did not work “in terms of prevention because we’re not alerted.”

“I am just saying [sic]about the use of mechanisms. They don’t work if you don’t bring them in,” she told Marcos.

The lawmaker again retorted: “It’s not the fault of (the SAF). Mahirap naman sabihin na because they did not coordinate. They were not there to attack the MILF. The police force (was) going to arrest a terrorist (Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan).”

But Deles insisted that the rebel forces in the area were not used to communicating with government troops.

“That’s why (we have) mechanisms. For so long (they are) lawless, unruled . . . Hindi naman ‘yan sanay na sasagot sa pulis talaga. Ang mechanisms, ang mga tao sasabihan sila, wag niyo gagalawin (ang mga pulis),” she emphasized.

Deles went to see Marcos on Jan 26 following the lawmaker’s decision to suspend all hearings on the BBL.

While Marcos expressly aired his disgust with the MILF, Deles tried to appease him throughout their 15-minute conversation that began at 1:30 p.m. The official also suggested that accountability should be placed on both sides, not just the MILF.

Asked by Marcos on how the government and the MILF “can handle the matter together,” Deles replied: “I think pag klaro kung sino (ang may kasalanan sa) kwento, which means the accountability (should be on) both sides.”

“How can we make accountable the rebel? Sundalo kayang-kayang i-court martial pero ‘yung rebel papano?” the senator emphasized.

In pushing for the BBL, Deles told Marcos that long-term peace can be achieved by putting a “governance entity there that will help put this kind (of things) in order.”

“That will make sure they will get decommissioned and disarmed and become part of our (system). The grey area is that at this time, they are still rebels until (the BBL is implemented),” she explained.

Let her explain
When asked to comment on the statements of Deles, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said it should be the peace adviser who should explain.

“(I am) requesting (a) reply from Secretary Deles,” Coloma said in a text message.

Deles had admitted meeting with Marcos at the latter’s office on Jan 26. In fact, she said she even met with Senate President Franklin Drilon on the same day.

Deles, also, belied reports that she asked Marcos to “whitewash” the Mamasapano incident.

“I did have two meetings with two senators the day after the Mamasapano incident. One was with Sen. [Ferdinand] “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. and the other with Senate President Franklin Drilon,” Deles recalled. “But I never adverted to anything about a plan to ‘make the incident disappear’ or for a ‘whitewash.’”

One of Marcos’s media staff, Reynato Custodio, confirmed that the meeting took place and that Deles was only clarifying the reasons why Marcos had to suspend the hearings on the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). He could not, however, ascertain the authenticity of a supposed audio recording of the conversation where Deles “passionately” defended the MILF in a bid to save the BBL.


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  1. mga kababayan, HAYAAN muna nating MAGDA-DALDAL ng magda-daldal ang mga SANGKOT sa pagpatay sa mga SAF44!, upang lumabas ng lumabas ang kani-kanilang mga BAHO!…ang pinakaMALINAW rito ay ang PAGKAPATAY ng SAF44! at ang parusang BITAY!, sa mga SANGKOT!.-
    ..PNoy, PURISIMA, DELES, FERRER, IQBAL, MILF, BIFF at ABU SAYYAF!, kasama rin ang ilan sa mga HENERAL na madramang iyakin at mga CONGRESISTA’t SENADOR na mga SIPSIP!

  2. Rosauro Feliciano on

    At this moment under the circumstances of times where the people’s temper is boiling, we should use our mindset or our frame of mind or way of thinking to control our emotion in order to make our discernment(s) about how and why our negotiators appear to give credence to Mr. Iqbal of the MILF who defended the cause of the MILF fighters in the Mamasapano incident in the august hall of our lawmaking body, the Senate. Our peace negotiation with the rebels (all types of rebels for that matter) is comparable to a sick person in a hospital afflicted with a cancerous disease since the time of Gen Pershing. The best treatment for cancer is to kill ALL contagious cells because there is no amount of ordinary medicine or drug or tablets can heal this kind of malignancy; however, there is a healing chance by applying chemotherapy and it is very expensive though. In the same manner eliminating the terrorists Abus, BIFF, and NPA cannot be that simple by just applying our limited resources. We must seek alliance with friendly nations that are effectively combating terrorism worldwide. By doing so, we MAY be able to contain the activities of these terrorists. Indeed it is similar to applying chemotherapy to a person afflicted with cancer in the field of medicine.

    For now it appears that the whole nation wants our lawmakers to review the contents of this BBL in the interest of those who are not born yet. So let it be done to avoid people’s power revolution. Do we rather have to mercilessly contain people’s unrest and experience our economic development stop by approving the BBL in its entirety without reviewing just to appease the MILF and suffer more in terms of experiencing endless poverty THAN allowing the BBL to be reviewed by both houses of our Congress so it can be approved and continue enjoying our quest for economic development?

    It is of course painful to see our Muslim brothers and sisters and Christians as well suffer more in Mindanao, but it is more painful for the whole nation to suffer in the long run as the MILF leadership has the hidden intention to secede or break away from the Republic of the Philippines. Is what I am saying true or not? At our moment of solitude we must think very carefully and contain our emotion or do not let our emotion rules our intelligent.

  3. Kung ayaw magbitiw ni delse o Ferrer sa kanilang useless roles dapat miso ang thong bayan o taxpayers ang pwersahang magtanggal sa kanilang dalawa. O kaya magcontribution ang mga taxpayer para itumba at ipbura ang mga Ito. Mas effective,and cheaper.
    Kung walang guts si Pnoy na paAlison si delse at Ferrer makabubuti si Pnoy ang magresign. Mr Aquino don’t overexposed your stupidity. Hindi pwede iyung mga reason mo na itake full responsibility…….wala sa katwiran ang mga tugon mo. Kaya loa kina kaya Kaya at tinatapak tapakan nang mga korap na mga obispo at mga Cardinal na mga abusdo ay napaka torpe mo at tanga. Wala na nga sa katwiran ang mga CBCP,bakit nagpapalokao ka sa kanila. Ipahuli mo ang mga traitor na mga cbcp nayan.


  4. deles is so obsessed about her position in the peace process. That she started twisting reality. Which side does she represent ? She seems very much confused . Maybe she should consult a psychiatrist. Deles should remember that maguindano is a part of the Philippines archipelago there for the SAF commando doesn’t need to consult the terrorist MILF . Understood. Deles !!!

  5. deles who? exactly what the name meant
    (dilis) fishhead. Stupid,idiot ,lowlife. The whole negotiating team is a bunch of morons that includes the Aquino government. Deles and ferrer should be included in the milf(the only good muslims are dead muslims) payroll,she does not represent the gov’t and the Filipino people she might as well sign up with the ISIS translation MILF.

  6. >>> the Communist Party of the Philippines-New Peoples Army had a negotiating group called NDF.
    The MILF+BIFF+ASG HAD HAVE ALSO AN NDF (Noynoy Deles Ferrer) !!! Millions of PhPesos from Filipino Taxes. Are this MIFL+BIFF+ASG and their leaders in 18t hyear to 20 years surely they are not paying taxes even their relatives and closed friends too. Then in BBL they wanted a huge money courtesy of Filipino Christians paid taxes thru Corruptor and Collaburator BENIGNO S COJUANGCO-AQUINO3RD.

  7. itong demonyang Deles,napakasama mo! Vengeance is coming your way. Ilang taga sa amin sa cordillera ang nalagas dahil sa kademonyohan mo Deles!

  8. Who sent the SAF 44 to Mamasapano?And this stupid woman called Deles said it was the SAF 44’s fault,that’s why they got killed by terrorists.Where the hell is your brain?in your pocket?in your purse?in your bank account?

  9. Deles just her lost her credibility as a peace negotiator by her biased statements, at worst, treasonous ones. She should resign immediately and apologize to the families of the fallen SAF members!

  10. What more credibily left for this said peace panelist for the gov. to keep her in the job? The silver bullet has just been made manifest to confirm their pushing of the BBL is not indeed in the best interest of the people but in the interest (which only God knowns exactly what) of only a few willing to even favor the rebels for the sake of their own agendas or so just they could say they have done something for the country.
    There she is, Deles, a rebel sympathizer in a peace process panelist’s clothing.

  11. If all the so called rebels (MILF, BIFF, ETC) wants to show their sincerity to the peace treaty with the Republic of the Philippines, they must first bring down or surrender all their firearms (small or big), that will suffice everything and proceed with the treaty.

  12. deles.. ang laki ng mata mo pero mukhang bulag ka? mga kapamilya mo ba eh MILF? kaya ganyan na lang kung ipagtanggol mo sila? obvious naman deles, na kinupkop nila si marwan at usman, ewan ko kung anong klaseng mata, puso at isip meron ka.

    pag sundalo mo anak mo, tas sasabak sa MILF, tingnan natin kung ganyan pa din sasabihin mo!

  13. If Teresita Deles and Miriam Ferrer insist on protecting the MILF and putting the blame on the SAF then they should resign as negotiators for PH and instead join the MILF. From their statements, it seems to me that they are members of the MILF and not of the GPH.

  14. The tragic and shameful incident in Mamasapano On January 25 wherein 44 SAF commandos were mercilessly massacred by MILF and BIFF is the most compelling evidence that the current peace negotiations with the rebels is a total failure. We, the people demand from the legislature not to pass the BBL without thorough scrutiny and revisions. There must be no deliberations on this matter until the MILF surrenders those criminal elements within their ranks involved in the carnage and looting the belongings of the fallen commandos. If Teresia Deles and Mirriam Ferer want to continue working with the MILF they should join the organization you do not have the trust and confidence of the general public. These two grossly incompetent women do not deserve the huge salaries and perks that they are receiving as peace negotiators. You are wasting taxpayers’ money for your failed experimentation you should be ashamed of yourselves. The BBL is full of constitutional infirmities which will not pass the rigorous review of Congress and the Supreme Court. Let us wait for the transition government to form a new peace negotiation panel after the ouster of Aquino through people power.

    • Gerard Durante on

      Deles, PNOY, MAR ROXAS, Purisima, Ferrer of government panel and MILF will have a piece of 75billion yearly budget for BBL…..come on…..we Filipinos are not stupid I hope Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago slaps her face infront of TV.

    • Dapat na putulin na ang kalokohan nang dalawang matandang babas na Ito. Say ang ang pera nang mga taxpayers.
      Hindi nila alam ang kanilang ginagawa. Hindi sila ang nasasktan at nawawalaan nang mga relatives.
      It’s a real waste of taxpayers money to have these two negotiators siding with the terrorists.
      They should live. Sleep,dine, and they can enjoy being sex slaves or be Rae by these hoodlums.
      Walang peek and mga panukala nang mga embicil matatandang babe na Ito.
      Dapat ,magreklamo ang mga taxpayers at mga immediate relatives nang mga. Victims at magsampa nang class action lawsuit why these two unproductive woman who has no war or military experience to act as. Mediator.
      Dapat silang mangos sa parka atlas nang mga sundalo.
      Napakaipokrito at one sided ang kanilang mga paliwnag.

    • I have always doubted the competency of Teresita Deles and Miriam Ferrer and how they ended up to be the prime peace negotiators with the MILF. While these women may have very good school credentials, what is their experience in the battlefield and knowledge of the unrest being waived by the Muslims in Mindanao? Good school credential is not enough to qualify as the prime peace negotiator with a deceiving entity like MILF. From the report above, it is obvious that Deles believe that the approval of BBL will bring lasting peace in Mindanao. A very poor assessment considering that MILF conveniently ignored the peace process to kill the SAF policemen. Scrap the BBL and remove Deles and Ferrer as negotiators for peace in Mindanao. These women are day dreaming and do not realize that the BBL will position the MILF to the eventual separation of Mindanao from the Philippines. Instead, go for an all out war against MILF and put Mindanao under the Philippine military which should have been the objective from the very beginning, if we really want peace to reign in the whole country.

  15. Teresita Quintos-Deles, napakasama mong tao. Kung buhay pa sila, pati ang mga magulang mo iluluwa ka ng buhay.

    • Mahirap nga paliwinagan yang Dilis na yan, di nga pwede disclose sa MILF about the operation dahil our law enforcer felt that whenever it was totally disclosed e usually the operation was compromised, the thing is that before this has started, it should be INTERNALLY COORD within those involve GOVT AGENCIES concerned including kina Dilis, But our President should also show to Deles that hes the one in-charge and not her egoist idea. Dilis role is to be tought and implant to these MIs the importance of the rule of law! At itanim ke Dilis na taxpyrs money ang ginugugol nya.

  16. Saan panig ba itong si Deles??

    SAF should be held accountable for doing it’s job: serve an arrest warrant for a wanted terrorist INSIDE the territory of the Republic of the Philippines???

    Nakita na ba ni Deles ang videos at nabalitaan na ba niya yugn inital results ng autopsy? May mga ulo na 1/4 na lang natira. Wasak-wasak ang katawan ng karamihan sa SAF 44. Lagpas pa sa simpleng pagpatay iyon.

    This is unbelievable. Humarap ka sa mga pamilya ng mga biktima doon mo iyan sabihin.

  17. The woman has forgotten that as a peace negotiator she has to straddle the fence. It is obvious from her remarks that she has taken sides in this crisis. She could have learned from Baroness Valerie Amos in the aftermath of Yolanda, who use the royal “we” as in “we have failed the victims” without pointing fingers.

    After how many of years “peace negotiating” by this woman, she has gotten nowhere. The same agreement in Arroyo’s time considered unconstitutional, has been recycled under new packaging and brand name. It is about time that they replace this pretentious woman who seems to have inserted herself in this crisis as an obstacle rather than an instrument to peace. In some countries, her pronouncement may be considered treason.

  18. Sino ba ito si Deles? – MILF
    Sino ba ito si Ferrer? -BIFF

    Are both negotiators for and in behalf of the MILF & BIFF?

    MNLF and ARMM is better – just keep it or

    Ibalik na lang si Estrada at tudasen lahat yan.

  19. Bakit si Secretary Deles is so eager to rush the approval of the Bangsamoro Basic Law BBL dahil, kapag na approve malaking pera ang hibigay ni Aquino sa kanya plus sa MILF imagine the government will give 70billion to the MILF so maka pera ren si DELES AT FERRER

    • Gerard Durante on

      AGREE! Deles, PNOY, MAR ROXAS, Purisima, Ferrer of government panel and MILF will have a piece of 75billion yearly budget for BBL…..come on…..we Filipinos are not stupid I hope Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago slaps her face infront of TV.

  20. Deles a pro terrorist,you are out of your mind,how can have a peace without justice,mag isip ka nga dapat dun ka tumira sa minamahal mong terorista.

  21. Carl Cid Inting on

    Unbelievable! With “peace negotiators” like this, the Philippines doesn’t need enemies!

  22. Crisostomo Ibarra on

    Ask Deles and Ferrer, how much governemnt subsidy/fund was given to OPAPP? I think it’s around 18B and climbing.

  23. Deles and Ferrer are traitor’s. They should be jailed for life with their master. Women are 2nd class citizens to the muslim culture. They are considered slaves. Why let woman be the dialogue partners of these terrorists. We are for peaxce but not at the expense of giving the teeritories to these terrorists to manage.

  24. vagoneto rieles on

    What mechanism is Ms. Quintos-Deles talking about? How can she blame the SAF? There was a mission order to arrest or kill Marwan and Usman. This was followed by a raid on, and incursion into, an area claimed by the MILF(?) to execute the order. The MILF resisted and a firefight ensued. It was a simple and straightforward ‘police operation’. Casualties, while unfortunate, are usually sustained in such shootouts, and this encounter was no exception. A review and critique of the operation by the PNP, for the purpose of accountability and to prevent similar debacles in future, would be ‘standard operating procedure’. Finger-pointing is not. Contrary to Ms.Quintos-Deles’ protestations, her touted ‘peace process’, with its ‘mechanisms’ is what’s getting in the way of real peace. It just gets in the way of arresting/eliminating terrorists like the Malaysian Marwan and his MILF stooge, Basit Usman..hard objectives that quell terrorism. Ms. Quintos-Deles’ and her team’s ‘peace process’ could look good on paper, or in a dissertation, thesis or a ‘revalida’. In its application as a solution to the real Mindanao/Muslim problem, it is a dud.

  25. These are muslim terrorists in every sens of the word. They are experts in twisting things to their way of thinking. They dont negotiate, well they do as long as its to do what they want. By killing every single policeman, even the wounded ones show how contempteous they are of the rule of law in the philippines. To them they think it doesnt exist. Its their rules & laws they pay attention to. Even in international law they have broken the law but not according to them.
    The more you negotiate with them the worse they will get. Give them this law & then they will ask later for something more & then something more. I think you need to be like the sri lankans & the tamil tigers. It was horrific & barbarric, but its sorted the problem.
    With muslims in a country & when they are the minority they are ok, but once they sart getting to be the majority they then want politicl power. It will only spread & spread & one day you will find you will have a civil war on your hands & that wont be pretty. The muslims will then have supporters from the muslim world come here to join in their jihad & they will fight for the muslims. Thats your future so appease them at your will. We in the uk will also have this problem in the distant future, hopefully i will be dead when this happens.
    They want to be the dominant religion in the world.

    • Well said, they are only a minority and they are asking or threatening a country already. Much more if they become larger in population, Phils. will be surprised that this group will try to takeover this country. Look, in the US, they started to remove a part of Oath of Allegiance, then now they want a Muslim holiday and they want to remove or change Christmas vacation into Holiday vacation. The trend will be little by little they will demand different ways that does not conform with their ideals. Big no for BBL and the govt should show that they have the balls to counter this terrorist like what Jordan and Egypt did.

  26. meddy estrella on

    Deles cares too much for the MILF that she will never condemn those murderers! BBL should not be passed and this Deles should never be given any post in the future!

  27. Granting that for the sake of argument, SAF can be blamed for not coordinating.
    But let me ask you Ms. Deles…who ordered that operation. Di ba si BS Aquino, therefore sisihin mo rin lolo mo.

  28. You can just imagine Ms. Deles preferred to justify the murderous actions of MILF & BIFF for the sake of BBL. Let us investigate the roots of this woman or maybe her ancestors. She might be a BIFF spy working in the government. Come to think of it of all her actions after the massacre.

  29. Deles should be tried for treason. 27 of the Fallen 44 were wounded but the MILF finished them off with a bullet through their head. Hardly the kind of conduct in warfare. Deles wants to ram down the BBL, with her idiotic boss beaming and hoping he’ll win the Nobel Peace Prize. She is a supporter of these Muslim terrorists, that’s for sure.

  30. Deles is just an alter-ego of the president. The President, in an attempt to salvage the peace process, is now pointing fingers to PNP-SAF. BS Aquino is the real traitor here. Deles is just acting as instructed by PENoy.

  31. Kung masasamang tao pala ang PNP-SAF commandos, as Deles claims they are, then the benefits given to their families, calling them heroes and BS Aquino sopeeches about them are all BULLSHIT!
    Talagang may pinakain si Murad at Iqbal sa Deles na ito.
    Doesn’t she deserve to be fired from her position as a Cabinet member and head of the OPAPP for having those wrong positions against our Republic and policemen- law-enforceers carrying out their to bag a terrorist? And did she not know what her boss BSAquino had said in his first speech about the Mamasapano Massacred–that the place that the PNP-SAF heroes entered was outside the so-called MILF territory?

  32. Sabi ni Sec Deles, kailangan daw nakipag ugnayan ang mga SAF sa MILF bago sila pumasok sa teritoryo ng MILF, bakit itong MILF hindi nakipag ugnayan sa gobyernong ito ng pumasok sila sa Zamboanga at doon nagrally? HIndi na nangilabot si Sec Deles at sinisisi pa niya itong pinaslang na 44 na SAF ng mga MILF at BIFF? Hindi rin maniniwala ang mamayang Pilipino na hindi alam ng MILF na doon mismo sa kuta nila nakatira itong si Marwan.

  33. Deles has the gut to defend MILF. It is very clear who the aggressor here is. The SAF was there with a mission to get rid of a terrorist. Their stance was to be a defensive mission. However on the MILF part, they started an all out war when they heard shots even it were not intended to them. Both SAF testimonies and MILF’s video shows who was the aggressor. Like Pnoy, Deles preferred to save the peace agreement than the lives of the SAF men.

  34. hey deles, your so called mechanisms don’t work!!! get it? the milf and the biff will fight whoever gets inside their lairs. plain and simple. coordination or no coordination, that’s just their nature. they call themselves revolutionaries, remember? there was a valid warrant of arrest for the two terrorists. and the state, empowered to act by virtue of such warrant, came to the terrorists hideout to issue and affect such. why would you coordinate with the enemy knowing full well that these enemies of the state are cuddling these two terrorists? do you really trust both the milf and the biff that much? that you are willing to turn a blind eye and blame the government forces instead? how can you be so calloused? insensitive and so insane so as to think that way. theproblem with you is this: you’ve been sleeping with the enemy way too damn long. you are far worst than them. for a peace negotiator, you sure suck!!! big time!!!! i dare you to say that to the faces those families of the fallen 44. let’s see how far you can escape them with your life. i am now beginning to think. how many terrorists are you cuddling right now? besides the one who escaped during the time the SAF commandos trespassed into the milf lair? once and for all ms. deles, just go to hell!! you and your lousy boss pnoy. you damn cowards!! the 44 SAF commandos died twice. in your hands and in the hands of the milf and the biff. that said, how can you sleep peacefully at night?

  35. Senator Marcos is correct in being passionate about the brutality of Murad/Jaffar’s MILF and “Lost Commands”… Senator Marcos is correct in pointing out that the SAF-PNP were murdered with taga-taga and bullet-proof vests first removed from SAF-PNP and then they were shot in the chest or head. MURDER!!! Against standard rules of war, against Geneva conventions.

  36. Muriel Magtanggol on

    And by the way, Deles, you should be sent to the cornfields of Mamasapano and dance with those BIFF rebels! In layman’s linggo, ” go to hell!”

  37. Muriel Magtanggol on

    Ang tanong, why is Deles so hot in defending MILF right after the massacre when no investigation has transpired yet. She’s even got the nerve to blame SAF for lack of coordination. Clearly, she was sent by Massacre King Noy to make sure Bongbong does not suspend the review of the BBL. They can’t even put aside these things for families and a nation in mourning. MK Noy wants to make sure he gets the Nobel prize- not by best effort, but at all cost! So what if 44 died and 16 wounded plus unaccounted affected civilians suffered for it!
    That’s Boy Matuwid for you! “Walang pAQUi-NO”!

    • Deles is like Etta Rosales of CHR….umusok ang tumbong when she learned about the incident where mayor Bistek slapped a rape suspect….but did we hear any reaction from her sa SAF44 massacre?…