‘Deles warning stopped Aquino from rescuing SAF’


PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd was fully aware of the events that took place on January 25 in Mamasapano, Maguindanao where 44 members of the Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) were killed by members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

The Manila Times learned this from a reliable source who managed to obtain information on Oplan Exodus which was kept secret from Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd and acting Philippine National Police chief Leonardo Espina.

The source said Aquino monitored the Mamasapano encounter inside the United States (US) Drone command facility at the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Western Mindanao Command (Wesmincom) base in Zamboanga City.

Westmincom, which is under Lt. Gen. Rustico Guerrero, is located inside Camp
Navaro. It is also used by the US military as a temporary base where the drone command facility is situated.

Aquino, the source said, monitored the mission through a live feed transmitted by a drone, which means that the President is well aware of what was happening to the SAF men.

There were reports that drones were seen in Mamasapano prior to, and during, the SAF operation to get Marwan.

The source said some members of the security, justice and peace clusters of the Cabinet were with the president.

Despite being fully aware of the massacre of SAF commandos, the President gave no order for reinforcements because he was reminded about the ongoing peace negotiations between the government and the MILF, and sending reinforcements may lead to the breakdown of talks.

When asked who advised the President, the source said it was Presidential Peace Adviser Teresita Deles who reminded Aquino about the peace negotiations.

The source corroborated an earlier article by The Manila Times, published on February 5, that Aquino issued an order to the government troops to stand down and in effect denied any assistance that could have saved the lives of the 44 SAF men.

Another source told the Times that aside from the information transmitted by the drone to Aquino, the president’s group also got news from local radio stations that were broadcasting news about the encounter courtesy of the MILF.

“So it is not true that the President was only informed about the incident at around 5 p.m., he was monitoring the situation using the US facility inside Westmincom. He is also aware of the entire mission,” the source added.

At the Senate committee on public order and dangerous drugs hearing on the Mamasapano clash, military and Cabinet officials were not able to give a clear response when asked by lawmakers who among them informed the President about the clash.

They admitted being with Aquino that day in Zamboanga but nobody could say who among them first informed the President about the Maguindanao clash.


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  1. Marwan paid Millions for his protection to MILF senior leaders in at the same time the Philippine Government gave financial Aid to MILF to arrest Marwan who wins?

  2. emmanuel remitio on

    What p-noy should have done was leave the decision making to the generals. He gave the go signal to get those terrorists at all costs but bogged down later on because of such advice. Both sides have violations but the foremost preservation is to eliminate lawbreakers and give full support to the men who stood there ground to execute lawful orders.

  3. Since our govt. Is so fond of giving land, why not start with the hacienda? Second to the typhoon victims who still lives in shanties. Maybe by this it will be more appropriated by the people.

  4. Bad planning, bad advise, bad timing! But leaving your own men to die over the BBL and blaming someone else for it is something that is done only by a coward leader. The result is devastating enough to foment a revolt and I cannot blame them for doing so. For the sake of the country, and the widows and children of your men, be a man Mr. President and lay the blame on yourself. You will sleep better.

  5. ibasura ang bansang Moro basic law…..susunod nian eh.war naman..para humiwalay sa pinas…hindi na Luzon Visayas Mindanao kundi LuzVis na lng …bakit hindi Na lng palitan natin ang pangalan ng PILIPINAS ng DELPiN ( Deles Pinoy ) …
    Cge Senator Miriam @ Senator Binay huwag ninyong tigilan ang mga tanong sa mga Generals @ kay Deles @ Ferrer..para malaman ang ka totohanan..
    Senator Bongbong it is time for you to stand up and be a statesman to find the truth ..who is responsible for breaking the chan of command of responsibility..like your father he will not stop until the truth is revealed.
    Let’s give justice to the fallen 44..

    • mahirap lang eh lahat sila alam na ang sagot sa tanong , tanong pa rin ng tanong , tayong tax payers ang kawa wa sa gastos takot naman sila lahat mag action baka matalo sa election.

  6. Stop this blaming Pnoy. He just doesn’t know what responsibility a President has. Time to stop finger pointing. Let’s stop acting like congress. The evidence has always been clear. Time to demand some resignations. RESIGN RESIGN OR G¶«:-*:-!:-/LIARS AND INCOMPETENTS. COWARDS. TRAITORS. ALL OF YOU GET OUT FROM OUR GOVERNMENT.

  7. If thats what really happened during that fateful day. Pnoy gave much weight on the peace process w/the MILF rather than to save the lives of our 44 SAF men. The other question is, What did our Military & Police Generals including Gazmin do during those crucial times? Do they keep silent & agreed w/ Deles advise?

  8. mamasapano massacre is grim reminder of another incident way back, where moros wiped out scores of soldiers including a General in a supposed peace ceremony. Other military men below star rank from nearby commands and civilians who were also there to witness the ceremony became victims of that blatant treachery.
    We all want lasting peace, but let’s not rush it for Pnoy’s sake. The guy don’t deserve it. BBL or anything of that sort can wait. Emotions are high and may not be the right time to even talk about it. For now, let’s honor our beloved SAF heroes.

    • If the article is true, and i am the President, I wouldn’t sacrifice my men’s lives because in the first place we we’re after criminals. Not the good Muslim brothers in Mindanao. Wrong advise peace negotiator.



  10. That Aquino ordered our men to stand down, so that the peace could still be achieved is believable. It is clearly a wrong decision any idiot could make. Since the massacre, someone had to have ordered the PNP and the AFP not to arrest the MILF/BIFF killers. Think about this happening in any other country. Armed gangs murder 44 policemen, who were doing their duty. There would be an immediate all out effort to apprehend the killers by the police. The police would leave no stone unturned until all were found and captured. Law and order must prevail for peace to be present.

    Aquino does not care about upholding law and order. He has instructed the PNP to do nothing. He focuses on keeping the BBL alive and having committees white wash what happened. He does not even consider about enforcing the laws against the killers. He has tied the hands of the PNP who want to enforce the law.

  11. Kailan lang may isang intelligent and promising PMA cadet na na-dismiss dahil sa salang pagsisinungaling. Kung totoo na nagsinungaling siya dapat lang na matanggal siya upang mapangalagaan ang dignidad at reputasyon ng mga PMAers.

    May tanong lang ako sa mga PMAers both on active duty and retired… Mga Sirs ” ang bawal magsinungaling ba ay apply lang habang kadete pa lang sa PMA at pagkagraduate ay ok nang magsinungaling.

    Panawagan ko sa mga Generals na humaharap sa inquiry ngayon… Generals Sirs… ilahad ninyo ang katotohanan. Maging huwaran sana kayo ng mga kasalukuyang mga kadete. Sana ay maiisip ninyo na ang mandato ninyo ay protektahan ang buong pamayanan at hindi isang tao lamang.

  12. As usual, to divert the issue away from this Maguindanao fiasco, they think that by reviving the Binay corruption issue will entertain the people more and temper their impatience against this administration. This is more serious than DAP, P-noy. Lives were lost and the victims are screaming for justice to those dead heroes you have forsaken.

  13. The President is Absent With Out Leave…..Kainin mo na kasi pride mo Noynoy. Si James Bond, may license to kill, ang presidente ay may license to make mistake….umamin ka lang na you made a judgement call na mas mahalaga sa iyo ang preservation ng peace pact kaysa protection ng SAF troops mo! At aminin mo gumawa ka ng script and your team played their role at the expense of not telling the truth. The worst thing that can happen legally speaking would be the anti-Pnoy groups will (1) People’s power, if you don’t accept your fault and continue to lie, it might lead to this but the AFP and PNP will still protect you despite of your mistakes. (2) Impeachment, I don’t think the oppositionist have the number.

    I suggest you do the following:

    Una: Public apology
    Pangalawa: Demand from MILF the following: (1) capture Usman (2) punish those involved in the killing of the SAF troopers. Makapatay ka nga ng di mo sinasadya, may kaparusahan. Tulad ng nakasagasa ka……dapat lang parusahan ang involved sa bakbakan. (3) identify those who killed the wounded SAF and those who mutilated the dead bodies. (If they can’t help with this, they are not committed to justice and peace.)
    Pangatlo: Extend some assistance to the civilians who were killed in the crossfire.
    Pang-apat: Make peace with the Catholic priests, with your Uncle Peping and the SAF (Remember the SAF trooper who said that you don’t have the balls and the conviction…that’s the meaning of the silence of the SAF troopers when you came to see them and you ask them to speak up. Kahit ama o tatay nagkakamali, pero pag nag sorry na si tatay sa mga anak, naayos naman ang problema o sigalot o hinanakit…..basta pagbayaran ang mga salarin!!!!!!!

    Panglima: Fire out some of your advisers and get people who have competencies in crisis management, strategic public relation, ethics.

    Pang-anim: Create Council of Elders composed of respected statesmen, respected religious leader.

    Pampito: Move on and finish strong in your remaining term!

  14. Carl Cid Inting on

    In the meantime, Aquino’s allies in congress have circled their wagons and began the whitewash to absolve Aquino of any blame for Mamasapano. It is a sad to say that Aquino and Deles will not be brought to justice for their treason and infamy. They would rather sacrifice Filipino lives than risk losing that precious Nobel prize which they thought was within their reach!

  15. We have to remind Mr. Catapang to be truth and don’t tell lies just to save BS Aquino’s ass, if you continue lying, well shame on you! I remember one PMAer student who was not able to graduate because of being late and not telling truth something like that; and here’s the chief of AFP making us look stupid/fool by playing fire with the BS PNoy. So much for being dedicated with the President not with the people who feed your families and spent for your educations by our taxes. Your loyaty should be with the people!

  16. is he’s really the father of the fallen 44 then he should have set aside the advises of deles-ferrer and gave orders to the AFP to save the SAF at all cost. sad thing is he just froze and did nothing.

  17. During the senate hearing, Sen. Binay are asking them, Mar Roxas, Gen. Catapang and some High Ranking officers of AFP and PNP including PNP OIC Espina and some of his cabinet Sec. and Peace keeping officer of Aquino.Who inform P Aquino about the conflict that was going on at MASASAPANO. No one informed Aquino. All of you are a bunch of liers. Including Mar Roxas and Gen Espina who that time was with Aquino in Zamboanga telling the Senate about the bombing that happened there a few days ago. Ang galing nyong gumawa ng script. Wala daw coordination. kunyari nagsisisihan. ang totoo pala magkakasama nilang mino monitor at pinapanood kung paano pagpapatawin ang 44 SAF. Mga walanghiya. Dapat kayo ang pinagbabaril ng malapitan. kaya pala di nila magantihan ang mga milf at Biff dahil sa kapalpakan na ginawa nila. SANA mabigyan ng tunay na justice yung 44 SAF. Kaya lang papaano kung sila na involved ang nasa pwesto.Dapat sa inyong lahat na involve ay ma firing Squad.

  18. Time and time again these stupid advisers of President Aquino are useless. What they are going to prove here? They are just wasting taxpayers money. For our senators and congressmen please think thousandths times before voting this useless BBL. This will create more create more chaos in the country. It’s not BBL the answer of Mindanao. But good economic management to improve the lives of the people there.

  19. So it is true that this imbecile pnoy was monitoring live feed of the moment by moment progress of the operation to get marwan via the American drone which was transmitting live feeds surrounded by security personnel both American and local. I earlier submitted a speculative comment that pnoy wanted to do an Obama in the operation to get bin Laden and once the operation ends successfully local and international media will be running a tv documentary showing a pnoy doing his drama ala Obama congratulating everyone for a job well done. But pumalpak so the showing of the tv documentary was aborted (this accounts for pnoy’s foul mood). How I wish the tv documentary film will be somehow leaked and shown on you tube. Pnoy is so imbecilic and self absorbed he couldn’t care less that the SAF 44 died all he cared about was his drama didn’t push through it took him all of 4 days sulking and shouting expletives at everyone before he came out of his dark mood. I admit I was merely speculating when I submitted that scenario but now it is confirmed so it was true all the while.

  20. Peace at all cost is RUBBISH!
    If that were true then just give up Mindanao to the MILF.
    Ipamigay mo na kaya the whole Pinas, Dear Leader BS Aquino the Thrd?

  21. Writing it before and writing it again, PNoy has no mind of his own. PNoy bases his decisions depending on who whispers to him. In short, as many of us already know, PNoy is not only irresponsible but also cannot make decisions by himself. This is the reason why it is already known to all that someone or a group of persons are manipulating PNoy.

  22. To whoever reported this ‘news’. If you can’t identify your source, don’t bother. How did you even ascertain your source is “reliable”? This article is a piece of junk. Tsismis!

  23. Now is the time for Duterte to take over the government, Hindi kaya talaga ni PINOY, yan ang totoo na naging PRESIDENTE lang by chance, nung mamatay si Cory un ang naging swerte Nya kaya nag give way si Roxas. Ilang taon sya s CONGRESS? Sa SENATE, my bill b sya na nagawa??? Nag butas lang siya ng upuan…umaasa lang siya s cabinet Nya kaya puro KKK ang inilagay Nya s paligid Nya….. Kaya inaapi Tayo ng China kc alam nila Kung ano si PINOY!!!!!!

    • Justify lang magalit ang pamilya ng SAF 44 ky PINOY at ang mamayang Pilipino….Never sya magkakaroon ng NOBEL PRIZE!!!!!!

  24. If what you say is true then this person needs to come forward & speak to the press about it. Only by doing that will pnoy be held accountable. If pnoy is lying about this it needs to be shown to everyone. There is no excuse for lying on something as important as this. But i really get sick of this as in the philippines everyone always says i have a source but the source wants to remain anonymous. I thought the pinoy was brave, but alas im wrong. There arnt enough good people in this country that are prepared to stand up & be counted.

  25. One simple way of putting this administration down without shedding blood is through their own “CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE” strategy. Remember how did it to Marcos.now the shoe is on the other foot…sani nag eh weather-weather Lang yan…..

  26. stupid president with stupid advicers, yes everybody knows that you’ll not get your diploma in PMA if the candidates for graduation found lying
    .. remember the young Cudia who was ostracize by the academy? for allegedly telling a lie,, PMA’ers when they get old are allowed to tell lies like this we always see on television? what a pity on the part of our beloved country. this sec diles not a government side negotiator, as i can see she is on the side of the rebels and prof. ferrer,

  27. Now Aquino is cornered, then he’ll use again his whipping Girl as the cause of his presidential malfunction. Since Deles is the extension of peace negotiations with MILF from GMA’s administration to present, Aquino’s Admin, then we’ll not be surprised at all later on that Boy Tago will blame GMA for the failure of peace negotiations & the death of the SAF44. He’ll use the same tagline, it’s GMA’s fault.

    • No, this info is not accurate, Deles resigned with the rest of the Hyatt 10. After PNoy was “elected” the group Hyatt 10 offered their services to PNoy who did not check on the background of the Hyatt members, appointed all of them. PNoy did not know that later on, his appointees will be the satan behind him.

  28. Sure it was Deles who advised BS Aquino not to send reinforcements so as not to jeopardize the ongoing peace talks with the MILF. But she was just an adviser. The final decision was Aquino’s as the Commander-in-Chief. He could have just ignored the advice of Deles and sent reinforcements to save the trapped SAF commandos. But he chose instead the idiotic move not to send assistance to the SAF. Gutless Aquino, like Deles, should be made accountable for the deaths of our gallant 44 SAF officers!

    NO to BBL. Never forget our heroes – the FALLEN 44!

    • Being the Commander in chief of the AFP/PNP he is covered by the military court of justice, he should be tried by court martial and be subjected to firing squad for treason if proven guilty so that the next CIC will think twice before committing same mistake.

  29. armando flores on

    This article is telling the truth. Aquino and his allies in the government including mar roxas, his DILG secretary, all knew on real-time that the SAF operatives need to be reinforced and rescued as they were surrounded by MILF/BIFF terrorists. Aquino never gave those SAF operatives the chance to survive They were ABANDONED for fear of its effects on the peace talks had a rescue been ordered. What is happening now in the both houses of congress and other govt sponsored investigations on the massacre of the policemen can only be described as MORO MORO designed to cover-up the truth and to blame everything on SAF commander Napenas who is also playing his part of the script.

  30. Talagang si Aquino at lahat ng naka paligid sa kanya ay mga sinungaling. They are congenital liars. Sana tatamaan silang lahat ng kidlat. Yong pagmumukha ni Deles na iyan ay traidor parang ….

    • apolonio reyes on


  31. So it was Adviser Deles who basically told BS Aquino ( our President) to stand down, and our President Aquino followed HER advice and did nothing. Correct me if I’m wrong, the way I see it.

    • Yes, she was the MILF lawyer who advised the Abnoy not to save the 44 by attacking back becvause the “peace talks” might be imperiled. She was the first traitor who cajoled the Abnoy to be another traitor.

  32. Frisco Consolacion on

     President Aquino and peace negotiators, Deles and Ferrer, should be charged with TREASON for promoting the dismemberment of the Philippine territory. There must be other peaceful ways to seek true, long-lasting PEACE in Mindanao without sacrificing the INTEGRITY of our country. BBL IS NOT THE ANSWER.  BBL IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL…NO to BBL!   ONE COUNTRY…ONE CONSTITUTION…ONE GOVERNMENT.

    • You’ve goth this right Ka Frisco…one country, one constitution and one law for all Philippines… if they( Bansang Moro) want peace in their area…the only they need to do is respect our Government lay down their arms… it is very dangerous for them to have their own Entity as BBM coz after granting their wish then comes another Movement of Separation or Independence…so there they go again..war after war after war ..never ending war

    • Correct one country,one government,respect our constitution.Ang mamatay Dahil sa U PILIPINAS.

  33. MILF are now conducting operations in Pikit, North Catabato. Did the MILF ask permission from PNP-SAF or gobyerno-Army? Ano nga ba ang kuwento?

  34. Deles and aquino are the traitors of the Republic and should be charge with treason! SAF 44 deserved justice!
    Because of his Nobel Peace price ambition he sacrificed his own 44 police to death. He’s the worst than those milf biff murderers.

  35. So now we know who the Rasputin is, who kept whispering to the ears of the Abnoy not to react to save the 44 SAF troopers. It was the MILF lawyer, Deles,. In fact, she admitted having been the one to radio the fighting forces in Mamasapano to “stand down” and not to engage. She was thinking of the her pet project, the alleged “peace talks”. Heavens! What peace talks! Those damn MILF are already butchering our young troopers and she still thought “peace talks”. Wow! What a distorted mind she has!

  36. Hindi ako nagkamali ng hinala!dahil sa halang na kaluluwa ni deles,hinayaan niyang ipamasaker ang SAF,para lang sa BBL!
    Ang uto-utong si Aquino ay hindi man lang nakonsensya!
    Nakakatulog pa kaya ang mga ito!

  37. mikhail hieronymus on

    Those military officers are all liars, LIARS, LIARS. They were trying to protect Aquino. The president entourage likewise were silent in order to protect Aquino too. This must be the script they designed to protect aquino.

    What kind of people do we have in the government?

  38. sonny dela cruz on

    I told you so. Filipinos should not wait for Pres. Aquino to finish his term because he ain’t gonna leave his office comes 2016. With his military and people around him who will advice him not to leave his presidency because all of them will land in jail once he leaves office. They will not have the power to defend themselves. Filipinos should do more now before they declare MARTIAL LAW.

  39. Primer C. Pagunuran on

    So the new vocabulary is “stand down” as far as PNoy is concerned.

    Do we recall another jargon before uttered by the First Gentleman? And this is “back off”.

    Both terms probably mean the same thing, don’t they?