Delicious hair care

Serving up delicious food for the hair

Serving up delicious food for the hair

They’re not polvoron; they’re not hopia; and they’re not French macarons. No matter how delicious they look, they cannot be eaten because they’re not edible.

What you see on this spread are shampoo bars—a hair care wonder by Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.

A form of solid shampoo, the shampoo bar weighs only 55 grams but in terms of usage, it is equivalent to 750 grams of liquid shampoo, and can last for up to three months of daily cleansing. Moreover, shampoo bars are handmade, organic, and unpreserved—the stamp of every Lush product from the United Kingdom.

On February 26, Lush Philippines launched six new variants of shampoo bars that address different hair concerns and needs. These are Honey I Washed My Hair, Lullaby, Braziliant, Jason And the Argan Oil, Montalbano, and Copperhead.

In an interview with The Manila Times, Kesh Tatlonghari, Lush Philippines merchandise assistant, elaborated on the characteristics of each shampoo bar. For her, the “most lush” of all is Jason And the Argan Oil because of its obvious active ingredient.

Endemic to Morroco, Argan oil is also dubbed as “liquid gold” for its nutritional and cosmetic health benefits. Besides its gourmet purposes, the oil is also a famous ingredient in hair care products.

“This variant is the most special because of Argan oil, which is super moisturizing for the hair. If you want to bring back your tresses back to health, this is the product to use. It’s perfect for people with dry hair,” Tatlonghari shared. “The shampoo bar comes in a Rose-Jam scent for a more indulgent experience, and it’s my personal favorite.”

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