• Deliver on promises, bishop asks Duterte


    MANILA Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo on Friday urged President Rodrigo Duterte to come up with a concrete plan on how he would go about his campaign promises to put a stop to the illegal practice of labor contractualization and to distribute lands to poor farmers.

    Pabillo, chairman of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines-Episcopal Commission on Laity, said he hopes to hear it when Duterte delivers his first State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday.

    “He made good promises during the election [campaign]and we expect him to give the details on how he would implement them. A concrete plan on how to end ‘endo,’ a concrete plan on how the lands would be distributed to the farmers,” according to the bishop.

    Pabillo said Duterte’s promises were good but they will be nothing if undelivered.

    Contractualization or “endo” (end of contract) or “555” is a work arrangement whereby workers are only hired for about 5 months or less than 6 months without security of tenure and without monetary, non-monetary and social-protection benefits.

    It is estimated that more than half of the current 67.1 million Filipino workers are contractual workers.

    Over at the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Secretary Silvestre Bello 3rd also on Friday sought the help of organized labor groups on how to effectively put an end to labor contracting during a dialogue with labor leaders of unions affiliated with the left-leaning Kilusang Mayo Uno.

    Bello called on labor unions to report incidents of contractualization with the DOLE and also to help the department in drafting a proposal on revising or repealing Department Order (DO) 18-A or the Rules Implementing Articles 106 to 109 of the Labor Code, as amended.

    DO 18-A states, among others, that contracting and subcontracting arrangement are expressly allowed by law subject to regulations.

    The rule, it says, applies to all parties of contracting and subcontracting arrangements where employer-employee relation exists.

    Earlier, Leody de Guzman, president of Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino, said there is a need to amend Articles 106 to 109 of the Labor Code, which grants the Labor secretary the power to regulate, restrict or prohibit contractual employment.

    “There should be an absolute prohibition to the contracting out of work that is ‘usually necessary and desirable’ in the normal operations of a business, as such work should be performed by a regular employee in accordance with Article 280 of the code. Only such reform would lead to the ‘endo’ of contractualization”, he added.



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    1. Just a note to these stupid PRIESTS, will you shut your mouth. You are meddling with the duties of the government. What you should concentrate is stopping your drug infested Catholic flock and contract killers. I am sure they are all Catholics, right.

    2. Another “epal”….trying to stay relevant as they had done nothing before, opposed DU30’s plans, and insisted on maintaining the status quo.

      DU30 had just been in office for for a few weeks…give him a break…people usually give new admin 100 days grace period. Even renovating a dilapidated house takes more than 100 days. And DU30 team has already hit the ground running even before they formally took office.