Dell EMC investing in innovation to stay on top


DELL EMC, a part of Dell Technologies, said it would continue spending heavily on research and development to stay on top of the market, a company official said on Tuesday.

Yee Beng Pang, senior vice president for Commercial Business of Dell EMC in South Asia and Korea and managing director at Dell Malaysia, said the company is spending more on innovation to remain one of the leading technology firms in the world.

“Not just in the Philippines but worldwide, we are leading, number one or number two, in all lines of business that we have. We don’t believe in being number three. That’s been consistent across the world. There are some countries that we are bigger, like in North America, while in the Philippines, we’ve been here for 20 years and Dell EMC carries a lot of products in the market place for our customers,” he said in a roundtable following the Dell EMC Forum in Taguig City.

Pang stressed that Dell EMC needs to improve and showcase more innovative products to strengthen its position in the market.

“We make sure to continue investing, because just because we are technology company does not mean we would not undergo transformation. Of course we need to transform our processors, we need to improve because digital transformation is here and we need to move as well,” he said.

“We don’t want to follow technologies, we want to provide technologies—that’s our mission—also to enable end-users with maximum capability of our innovation, technology. Investing in innovation, in our R&D, is our priority,” he added.

Pang said Dell EMC has earmarked $4.5 billion for innovation to allow them to stretch and achieve their goals to stay on top of the competition. This amount was announced by Michael Dell, CEO of Dell, in July last year.

He also noted that for Dell EMC, customer centricity is vital to business growth. “Engaging with our customers, listening to them, making sure to hear their feedback and to address their concerns…Our relationship with our customers will drive the business growth. Always customers first in everything we do,” he said.

The Dell EMC Forum (DEF) 2017, dubbed as “Realize,” is the first flagship event in the Philippines following the merger of Dell and EMC last year. The forum was a one-day technology experience event designed for IT professionals to connect with peers, discuss strategies, gain insights and explore the comprehensive Dell EMC solutions that drive IT transformation.


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