• Dell showcases virtual reality-ready products


    DELL Philippines showcased to the local market its first virtual reality (VR)-ready products through the latest Hollywood movie Spider- Man: Homecoming.

    According to the technology company, Spider-Man’s visual effects were created using approximately 1,000 Dell Precision workstations and more than 4,000 Dell servers.

    “We’re officially introducing these products through the Spider-Man movie,” Mitch Juliano, Dell Philippines business development manager client solutions group, said late Thursday in Taguig City.

    Dell Philippines invited technology media in the country to witness the movie and to present its newest innovative products: the Precision 5720 All-In-One (AIO) and the Precision 7720, which are both the first in the Precision lineup to support the VR technology.

    “What we are just providing our customers for now is more on having a device, a mobile device and an AIO device, that are actually capable to run VR-ready applications,” Juliano said.

    The Dell Precision 5720 AIO is a 27-inch workstation that provides class performance with its 7th Generation Intel Core and Xeon E3-1200 v6 series processors.

    “It’s actually a Gorilla Glass [screen]and it is ultrahigh-definition 4K high-resolution. This is our first all-in-one that we have in our Precision family. In terms of sound, there are 10 speakers. This device actually runs in the latest Intel processor. This can also be adjustable and is a VR-ready device,” the company representative explained.

    The Dell Precision 7720 is the company’s first VR-ready mobile workstation, which is a 17-inch laptop with high performance because of its latest Intel processor.

    Juliano continued, “This is our new 17-inch mobile workstation. So customers who want to have on-the-go VR devices, we have that with this device. We are supporting the current trend which is the virtual reality.”

    She said that Dell has also been working on key opportunities across other countries.

    “We promise to give our customers innovation. This is actually something that we want to make sure that we are actually providing our customers with the latest technology and to support current trends where everyone is really looking into VR directions,” she added.



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