Dellosa, Uvero eyed for BOC


(By Joel M. Sy Egco, Headline, December 4, 2013)
Dellosa may not have the edge of qualifications in terms of academics, post tenure, but we have a lot of Presidents who are Highly qualified, but what we got in return, Abuse and Bambbozled. Instead all things can be learn, a man of integrity, is more better than a man only equip with knowledge.
Golden king,

Uvero has the qualifications but how about his honesty. Dellosa should be hired as the chief law and crime enforcement officer dedicated to customs. This will ensure that no payolas and hocuspocus exist and everybody play by the rules.
Wilmer Andrada,

Yeah the case of a revolving door still exists if people known to be used on working on the same frequencies and whose feathers are of the same colors, then who will expect to question the system? No one can change a system if everyone follows orders with no questions asked. A system has to be endlessly monitored for improvements no matter if a system is already working perfectly. A system needs continual improvement. Anywhere we go there is always a system and we cannot simply change it without the involvement of ALL from the lowest ranks to the highest ranks in terms of their roles in the organization in order to maintain harmony within the organization. Let’s take one example. In WWII the “flat tops” were perfect war machines and to think of changing the system in order to accommodate jet war planes to take off and land was impossible. Today the system of maintaining an Aircraft Carrier battle group still needs improvement and this is precisely any kind of system must be continually improved. In like manner the Bureau of Customs does not only need to be free from corrupt people but the whole system must be revised for further improvement.
Rosauro Feliciano,


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  1. I would like Gen. Lim to be recalled if available to replace Mr. Biazon when he resigned due to his difficulties doing his job due to padrino system. Since all those padrinos were expose and shamed, it is now the appropriate time for Gen. Lim to come back. The president need to appoint somebody who is honest and no nonsense guy, which I think the Gen. is well qualified for this job. .