• Delusion on ‘reforms’ of Aquino presidency


    What has been happening in the four years of BS Aquino administration is all of treachery or betrayal of public trust. His campaign promises mostly are not fulfilled. His economic policies are not inclusive of the poor majority. Worst, our debts are increasing yearly because of too much pork barrel, DAP and now present budget proposal is laden with more than 500 billions of lump sum only the President can allocate. Increasing debts yearly is making our country poor in the long run like the present trend in Argentina in contrast to what South Korea did in the period from 1950′s to 1990′s reducing their debts yearly until it became erased and now they one of the international lender countries.

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    1. What actual and beneficial reforms ????? More and more bureaucracy. Bureaucracy breeds corruption and less freedom. Seems to me, Malacanang is playing the bad cop and good cop psychology against the people. BS tries to play the good cop while his cohorts play the bad cop. If you ask me they are all in the same team, just milking the people,

    2. Abad the architect, Drilon the engineer, Ochoa the middlemen, Roxas the merchant, Belmonte the insider, Lacierda the spokesman, PNOY the Godfather.

    3. it still puzzles me if we are so great in our democratic practices why we are still at the bottom half of ASEAN economic growth. Every commentator in the press has some very strange ideas of how to fix our govt. So much newsprint is wasted on Santiago, on Enrile, on the Estradas. Can we be better than Mexico from where we were once ruled? you expect with 10 million OFWs our people would be more ‘global’ in their thinking. Oh no, the political families make sure you are thinking only of their interests. And every month the BSP will tell us how much money our Odessa workers send home. The BSP is the only Central Bank in the world who proudly announces that.

    4. Bobski Natividad on

      Pnoy should have the time to look at what some members of his cabinet are doing, it’s every man for himself

    5. Correct. They will never pay off the debts. They plunder the money and enriched themselves with PNoy’s blessing.

      Get rid of the core cancer … PNoy.

    6. You are absolutely correct. GMA imposed the VAT and now we have the luxury more money than we need to run governement. The problem is our elected officials see the money and conspire to steal it. This group will never pay off our debts or even balance the budget.