Demand for web content writers seen increasing


Demand for web content writers is seen increasing over the next few years, according to jobsDB Philippines.

Sheryll Tiburcio of jobsDB Philippines manager said that there is a huge demand for web content writers, as technology develops and job offerings to work at home increases.

She cited that job search engines like jobsDB post a lot of web content writer vacancies in their database based on employers’ demands.

Tiburcio added that even some call center companies are looking for Web content writers and other sideline positions, which is not only limited to voice services.

“We also have support jobs [available]for the BPO [business process outsourcing]sector on the rise such as human relations, accounting and executive positions,” Tiburcio said.

Though one of the government’s problem is unemployment, Tiburcio said that there is still an abundance of jobs and that job seekers tend to be “choosy.”

“I cannot understand why we have a problem in employment when we have a lot of jobs to offer,” Tiburcio said, pointing out to the rise of the online jobs available all over the Internet.

She said that unemployment increases as job hunters look first at how much will be their salary and what benefits will they get, while poor conditions of workers in the agricultural sector is not encouraging.


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