• Democracy is like Easter – Belmonte


    Democracy, just like Easter Sunday, should be celebrated because it brings rebirth and renewal, Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, Jr.

    Belmonte noted that Easter Sunday is a time of hope because it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    “In a democracy, the process is similar. After we assess what we have accomplished, where we have been wanting or flawed, we plot out a new course that sustains what is working and reconstructing what needs to be changed to achieve our goals,” Belmonte said.

    “In a democracy, we experience successes and failures. But the beauty of the [democratic]system is also that it comes with many opportunities for renewal and rebirth. It allows us the luxury of hope and gives us possibilities to effect changes that constantly bring forth positive growth and development for this nation,” he added.

    The Speaker urged the public to celebrate Easter by thanking democracy and being hopeful, inspired by the Lord’s own passion and resurrection.

    “I wish all of you a meaningful celebration and the joyous blessings of Easter,” Belmonte said in his Easter message.

    Liberal Party Senate bet Risa Hontiveros agreed with Belmonte that Easter should bring hope.

    “Easter for me is the reminder of the beautiful gift of waiting and hoping—a reminder that some things are worth the fight,” Hontiveros said.


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    1. Jerome Suarez on

      Democracy in our country did not bring progress and peace and order in the land but more hardships and disorder for the last 30 yrs. it is worse than what the LP perceived during the Marcos regime.