• Demolition job ‘victims’


    Why? Are these people saints? If there’s smoke, there’s fire. The same line of defense by GMA and her family who were involved in corruption…demolition job.

    Beware of power, it can send one into a state of amnesia. One blogger here may have a point in asking “why of all the government bigwigs, which we have a lot of do-nothing, it had to be Eldon and Ballsy representing the Phil. gov’t.?” We know both are private citizens but in Prague they were reportedly met by gov’t functionaries and business leaders, and nothing about business chitchats were discussed, huh?, “tell that to the ostrich”. We understand it’s less than 3 years more before PNoy makes his last aria, the Filipino people hope that the Aquino Kris aside). Simply put, don’t forget the good name bequeathed by Ninoy and Corin-laws were not making up for whatever time is left to prepare for the post PNoy era. Sure, there’s still life to live after PNoy’s presidency but it’s not an excuse for committing any wrongdoing that may sully the name of the Aquinos (well, let’s leave Kris aside). Simply put, just don’t forget the good name bequeathed by Ninoy and Cory.


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