Denmark confident in Duterte administration


The Denmark Embassy has been positive that Philippines has the potential to rise from its status, and now, with President Duterte leading the country, they are more confident that opportunities will pour down to its islands after realizing the proposed 10-point Socio-Economic Programme.

“The realization of the 10-points Socio-Economic Programme will help improving the conditions of the middle class and ensure more inclusive growth which also has the ambition of decreasing the still very high number of people living below the poverty rate,” said Denmark Ambassador Jan Top Christensen in his speech, as he opened the Danish Days on October 13.

He praised and pointed out some factors from the program: the substantial increase of investment in infrastructure, the fight against red tape and the promised fight against corruption which have been both lauded after setting up a special unit to handle the former, and with Denmark being known as the least corrupt country, the latter earned a point of approval.

“We can fully sign up to the 10-points Socio-Economic Programme,” assured the diplomat.

With believing that the country would soon experience a fortunate atmosphere, he continued, ” When people are better off, they ask for more safety, security, quality and better design of the products they buy. This is where Danish companies can deliver.”

In the Danish Days celebration happened on October 13 to 16 at SM Aura, products from Denmark were presented at the exhibition, aiming to fully equip the Filipinos with their goods for sectors in food-agri, pharma- health, design-fashion, energy- cleantech.

This celebration marked the 70 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries, and the Embassy of Denmark further embarked the engagement they are planning with the Duterte government and the private sector, believing the relation with the Philippines will bring more opportunities they can explore and develop together.

“The Philippines has always had a rich potential for a better life for its citizens. You have the human resources, you have the natural resources. Now is the time to realize this potential to truly become the “Bright Shining Star of Asia”,” the diplomat ended.

Ma. Lisbet K. Esmael


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