• Denounce dormitory, school attacks


    Dear Sir,
    Nobody is safe when bad elements are around, like NPAs and other such groups. But to attack a school that leaves 26 people injured, as what happened in North Cotabato is something more. The attack was meant to hurt people, innocent students and other people who were around at the time. And even if the school is government-run, the attacks should have spared these young, innocent people, unaware that something bad was going to happen to their school.

    When the attackers set fire on the dormitory, they meant to kill as many as they could. That is how harsh they are, with hatred against their own government steaming to hurt others and send their message of destruction.

    Whoever maybe the perpetrators are now on the run. Let’s just hope this kind of attack will not be used again in other places. This is already too much.

    Lilibeth V. Sombra
    Davao del Sur


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