• DENR lifts suspension of mining company


    THE Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has lifted the suspension order on the Environment Compliance Certificate (ECC) of Semirara Mining and Power Corporation.

    In a three-page order, the DENR said the landslide that occurred at the north edge of the Panian Mine has no adverse effect or damage to the environment.

    “It bears emphasis at the outset that the accidental collapse of the northern wall of the Panian Pit did not cause any damage or impact to the environment,” the order reads.

    The agency also maintained that the collapse of the wall was a fortuitous event beyond the control of the mining company, which is the country’s biggest coal producer.

    The DENR, likewise, added conditions in the Company’s ECC.

    Semirara’s ECC was temporarily cancelled by the agency after the incident that killed nine of its workers last month.

    The Department of Energy (DOE) earlier found that the collapse of the open pit coal mine of Semirara in Caluya, Antique was not caused by neglect but was due to a slope failure characterized by the slumping of back fill materials.

    The DOE added that the continuous two-week rainfall prior to the incident may have also played a factor.

    As a result of the incident, SMPC suspended its export shipment to prioritize domestic coal consumption.


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    1. This was tgo be expected. The suspension of the mining company was only for public consumption after the accident. When things have cooled and when the public’s attention is somewhere else then the bastard mining company is back on its bad habits. The suspension was only a moro-moro and when it was over then back to the old habits of capitalist exploitation !!!