• Deport Chinese fugitive – DOJ


    The Department of Justice (DOJ) on Wednesday ordered the immediate deportation of Wang Bo, a Chinese, who was a fugitive from justice and carrying a canceled passport.

    Wang was also accused of bribing Filipino lawmakers for the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law, an allegation that turned out to be negative, according to a probe by the National Bureau of Investigation.

    The order came after Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, a nine-page resolution dated August 4, junked Wang’s motion for reconsideration seeking to halt his deportation.

    It affirmed de Lima’s earlier summary deportation order against the Chinese.

    On June 8, 2015 that reinstated an SDO dated March 5, 2015 issued by the Bureau of Immigration (BI) against Wang.

    “Under no circumstances of the present case and under no provision of the Rules of Evidence can the answer to this question ever be favorable to [Wang.] Wherefore, premises considered, the June 8, 2015 resolution of this office is hereby affirmed and the motion for reconsideration is denied with finality,” the resolution read.

    De Lima said Wang “has been amply heard in the deportation and appeal proceedings thru his pleadings with the BI, the Court of Appeals, and his present motion for reconsideration.”

    She added that there is no reason to reverse or set aside her earlier ruling for no new arguments were presented and the documents warrant the affirmation of her decision.
    “The documents presented by the Chinese Embassy are sufficient basis to order the deportation of [Wang].”

    “The basic question that this office [DOJ] had to contend with from the very beginning was this: Between the official embassy representations of a foreign state such as China, on the one hand, and the most barefaced allegations of a wanted criminal evading capture from his country of nationality, on the other, what version of the narrative is to be believed?

    In her ruling dated June 8, 2015, de Lima reinstated the March 5, 2015 SDO issued by the Immigration bureau against Wang and junked a May 21, 2015 resolution of the BI’s Board of Commissioners that reversed the SDO.

    Immigration Commissioner Siegfried Mison ruled that Wang should be deported but Mison was outvoted by two associate commissioners.

    De Lima stated that there is “sufficient proof” to establish that Wang is a fugitive from justice and that he is carrying a canceled passport.

    The August 4 resolution overturned the board’s position that the Chinese Embassy failed to present authenticated documents.

    De Lima said the position taken by the Board of Commissioners was “absurd” and “raised suspicions on the very motivations behind all of these strained efforts to prevent [Wang’s] deportation to China.”

    “[I]n deportation proceedings, the foreign national bears the onus of proving that he should not be deported and his sojourn in the Philippines is legal. Here, in light of the legal presumption of regularity of the Chinese Embassy’s performance of its official acts, the foreign national should have presented clear and convincing evidence to the effect that his entry and stay in the Philippines is licit.”


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