• Derek well-adjusted to Brillante’s style



    WITH HIS pretty and tall girlfriend in tow, Derek Ramsay—in sporty getup—breezed into the “Cristy Ferminute” booth last Monday.

    His radio visit was to plug his latest series titled “Amo” which premieres on TV5 this Sunday. In the drug-themed story, the dashing Fil-Brit actor plays a bad cop.

    It was his first time to work under the directorial stewardship of multi-awarded filmmaker Brillante Mendoza. What was it like working with the one of the country’s topnotch directors?

    “He’s not the typical director who’d work with all the cameras positioned on the set, so people would hardly notice there actually was a taping in progress. Nakatago kasi ang mga camera,” Derek told Vignettes about how distinct Mendoza’s workstyle is compared to the other directors he had worked in the past.

    “There was this scene we shot somewhere in Mandaluyong City. Along with two other men in uniform, I was supposed to get off the van and just keep running around the busy neighborhood. Basta bahala na akong sundan ng camera. Nung actual take na, I could see people scampering in different directions. Akala nila, talagang may raid. But I was also scared, someone might resist or fight back that’s why I had real cops behind me.”

    It was followed by a scene at the morgue where Derek had to check on the lifeless bodies for identification. This time, residents had already known about the ongoing taping.

    “Ang sabi lang ni direk sa kanila, okey lang manood sila but never take pictures of me on their mobile phones. Kaya nung nag-take na, lumabas na natural ‘yung eksena, kunwari nag-uusyoso sila,” Derek went on.

    Brillante Mendoza

    Meanwhile, it’s a known showbiz fact that while all the other artists—who had then moved in to TV5 for greener pastures—have either gone back or transferred to other stations, Derek has opted to remain with the Kapatid Network.

    “TV5 has always acknowledged what I’m most passionate about. And I will eternally be grateful for it,” Derek summed up.

    * * *

    GUESS WHO? A showbiz mom (SM) begrudges her first cousin-actress (FCA) for failing to pay her last respects to her older brother at his wake.

    “Until the last night of the wake, hinihintay nung SM na sumilip man lang ‘yung FCA niya pero ni anino nito, wala sa burol,” a source told Vignettes.

    Derek Ramsay

    The SM’s brother, who had worked in the military service in the US, decided to stay in the country for good. He met his untimely death while driving a private-owned taxi due to heart attack.

    “Ayaw na sanang manumbat ng SM, pero nakalimutan na ba nung FCA ang hirap sa kanya noon ng pinsang-buo rin niya? The deceased male cousin would even wash his FCA’s undies, yes, that’s how much he cared about her!”

    Well, Strike 2 for the SM. Was her FCA in sight when the SM’s mother (the former’s doting aunt without whom she would not have made a big name in local music) passed away earlier?

    * * *

    A FORMER driver (FD) of a hunk actor (HA) is spreading around the reason why he resigned from work.

    Relayed to Vignettes, the FD couldn’t bear the HA’s frugal ways, not just toward him but his co-workers as well.

    “One time inutusan niya ‘yung driver na mag-take out ng pagkain from a fast food chain. Gutom na raw kasi siya pero hindi niya naisip na nagugutom din ‘yung driver niya. Para sa kanya lang talaga ‘yung pinabili niya while for sure he knew his driver was starving.”

    In a separate instance, this time during a taping break on the set, the HA’s co-actors each pitched in to buy pizza by delivery. The HA, however, pretended to be dozing off so he was understandably spared from the contribution.

    When the order came, the HA was awakened then grabbed slice after slice of the family-size pizza. Without saying a word, his co-actors had a collective self-balloon: “Alam na!”


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