• Deserted by wife, man stabs 3 children dead


    A man abandoned by his wife ran amuck on Tuesday and stabbed his three children aged 14, 9 and 5 to death then turned the knife on himself.

    However, he survived.

    Before he killed his children, Rolando Reformado Jr., 36, wrote a farewell message on the wall of his house. “Sorry sa lahat. Ma mahal na mahal kita sana mapatawad mo ako” (Sorry for everything Mama. I love you so much. I hope you will forgive me).”

    Reformado’s wife, Angelie, 36, was inconsolable when she learned of her children’s death. She said her husband, minutes before killing their children, sent her a text message, saying that he would bring their children to where he was going if she would not return to their house.

    Angelie left her husband on August 21 because he has been physically abusing her.
    Two of the children, both boys, stayed with their father while the girl stayed with her mother.

    However, on Friday, Reformado asked to see his daughter and Angelie obliged.

    Investigators said an hour before the gruesome murders, Rolando, who was reeking in liquor, sent a text message to Marjorie Rey, 22, a relative and neighbor of the Reformados.

    “Please tell Angelie that I will disturb her even in dreams, that she will remember me. We will go now. I hope she will accord them (children) with a nice funeral. As for me, just throw my dead body at Pasig River. It is nearing 12 midnight, as what I just said, it is too late already. Goodbye and thank you,” the text message read.

    Three counts of parricide were filed yesterday against Reformado before the Manila Prosecutor’s Office. The suspect will undergo a drug test.


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