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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the once-little Danish shoe manufacturer that could, chief designer Niki Tæstensen brings together the company’s heritage of iconic, functional design in Ecco Mind

50 years of shoemaking celebrated
Good design transcends time and place––proof of this is Ecco, the once-little Danish shoe manufacturer that could, which is now present in 90 countries, with 4,000 branded sales locations and 20,000 employees worldwide.

How does a shoe company make it this big? Devotion to innovation. Every Ecco shoe tells its story. Through the years it has remained true to its original Scandinavian design DNA while continuously striving to stay ahead of the curve in both comfort and style. The designs are both high in style and technological innovation.

Seemingly fairytale-like but entirely grounded on sound shoe design, the story of Ecco is one that starts with Joke––the brand’s creation from 1978, where the brand’s shoemaking one-step process began: molding the soles right onto the shoe uppers, which results in a lightweight and comfortable shoe.

Joke is followed by the classic and best-selling Ecco Soft, still a favorite after 30 years. “Ecco Soft was the beginning of a new generation of products and the start-up of our innovative production technology that revolutionized shoe manufacturing,” explains Ejnar Truelsen, the designer behind the two styles.

“I believe that Ecco Soft has become a classic due to its timeless lines combined with its simplicity,” she adds.

It seems all Ecco designs champion this philosophy, from the Joke, to Soft, to the icons that later followed: Time, Shark, Biom and Ecco Sculptured 65, a breakthrough design that features a 6.5 cm high heel designed for comfort.

The Ecco Unity concept store secures the brand’s future position as a cutting edge global shoe retailer. The store’s design and materials have been selected to enhance each zone according to the store location and commercial plan, staying true to Ecco’s commitment to design, form and function.

Just this April, Ecco launched its “I’m a Shoemaker” campaign, turning the spotlight on its 20,000 employees who have carried the Ecco tradition worldwide.

Mind your Ecco
In 1963, ECCO was born. In the hands of Karl Toosbuy, who sold all his belongings and left his job in Copenhagen, took his wife Birte and daughter, Hanni, to Bredebro, the shoe company grounded on craftsmanship and design was founded. By printing the logo of ECCO onto the soles of each shoe, Toosbuy’s creations traveled the world and literally left shoeprints everywhere it went.

This year, Ecco further launches Ecco Mind in connection with its 50th anniversary. With playful references to three of the best-selling shoes in Ecco history––Time, Free and Joke––Ecco Mind reminds us of some of the brand’s biggest design breakthroughs in one shoe. Ecco Mind is a shoe that keeps pace with the active Scandinavian lifestyle with its very own take on comfort and style.

Chief designer Niki Tæstensen wanted to both celebrate the past and point to the future when he set out to create Ecco Mind. He pulls it off by staying very much in the present. His brand-new interpretation of the classically cool moccasin is for everyone in the contemporary family. Tæstensen selected a palette of six colors for the outsoles and supple camel leather uppers that are some of 2013’s hottest. Each shoe comes with two shoelaces, one in cream and one in a bright color. And the direct-injected sole cushions the foot with the best, all-day comfort that technology can currently provide.

Ecco Mind also draws playfully on the company’s heritage of iconic, functional design. Look closely, and you’ll recognize three breakthrough designs that were popular in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.

In the Philippines, Ecco is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI), and is available in Shangri La Plaza Mall, Mall of Asia, Glorietta 3, Bonifacio High Street, Trinoma Mall, Gateway Mall, Robinsons Place Manila, Rustan’s Department Store Makati, and Robinsons Magnolia.


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