Volvo V40

Designed for city life


Volvo Philippines has made owning the agile, versatile and stunningly smart Volvo V40 much easier with a limited time offer of P199,000 all-in down-payment promo. Paired together with the attractive payment term is the free chattel mortgage and first year comprehensive insurance.

The V40 is Volvo’s compact hatchback that is perfectly suited for life in the city. With agile handling, interior versatility and smart technology that makes life easier, the V40 is the smartest choice when choosing a car that is nimble to navigate city corners.

Power train
As with all Volvos, the powertrain offer is based on the Drive-E 2.0 liter turbo and super-charged engines designed and built at Volvo’s engine factory in Skövde.

The Drive-E range of low emission, high performance, petrol and diesel power trains offer a perfect blend of driver enjoyment and fuel economy, whilst retaining a responsive feel for city driving.

The V40 offers a full range of connectivity options in its Sensus user interface. With easy-to-read high-definition touch screens, steering wheel and voice controls that respond to your command and head-up displays that provide visual information while allowing you to keep your eyes on the road, Sensus puts the latest technology at your fingertips. It is there to help you by opening up a new dimension of information, entertainment and connectivity complete with state-of-the-art audio systems that deliver the finest in sound.

The V40 comes with one of the most comprehensive standard safety offers available in the segment, including City Safety, which offers a range of collision avoidance and mitigation functionalities including pedestrian and cyclist detection.

Being a Volvo, we are committed to making driving easier and safer. With the IntelliSafe technologies, Volvo helps prevent accidents and protects you should one occur. In a Volvo, you get peace of mind, assured that each car is designed with utmost consideration for creature comforts, security and safety not only for occupants of the car but for people outside as well.


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