• Designer art from Foilacar!


    Drive in style and let loose your creativity with the latest film wrap technology from the innovators of car exterior protection.

    With designs from the fashion houses of Europe and Asia, Foilacar is setting the trend once again with their “collaboration art.” “We call it Collab art because we coordinate with fashion designers and upon the request of the vehicle owner, we can have fashion design houses from all over the World to create a one off design for their cars,” explained Lester Codog, president of Foilacar Industries.

    The company’s first two collaboration art projects are the Lotus Elise and a Masseratti that you see here. “The Kurakina artwork is by a designer from Lithuania and it was exclusively designed for Foilacar,” explained Codog. “We can have it designed by Armani, Louie Vuitton, Isey Miyake or any fashion designer that your heart desires,” he added. The service is expensive, in fact very expensive, but Foilacar does not have any problem finding high-caliber clients.

    Collaboration Art is just one of Foilacar’s unique services, which also includes protective film application, six-days car makeover and La Deco, wallart for house interiors. Foilainterior also has its own team of five award-winning architects and interior designers which the client can consult for the project. “We can sync your house interiors with the color of your car, or have the car’s interiors similar to the wall art of your house,” Codog added.

    The materials used are imported from Belgium, giving clients a wide variety of wall art designs to choose from. “Our turnover is quicker compared to the usual sanding, cutting and interior molding. Our product can be applied to your walls in a day or two depending on the size of the project house. One good thing about our wall art is that it does not fade,” explained Codog. The company’s team of seasoned automotive wrap specialist has been re-trained for the Interior Division as well.

    For more information on how to redesign, transform, protect, and preserve your car, boat or jet and housing facility, visit Foilacar Industries at 10 Brixton Street, Pasig City 1600, or call (02) 656-7200.


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