Desperate man runs amok in Davao hospital


ZAMBOANGA CITY: A man, desperately pleading help for his injured son at a local hospital, stabbed a doctor and a nurse with a syringe after failing to get emergency medical attention on Tuesday. Jesus Manalo was later subdued at the emergency room of Southern Philippines Medical Center—formerly Davao Medical Center. Manalo brought his six-year son, hit by a vehicle late on Monday, and pleaded for doctors and nurses to attend to his boy, but had been ignored. He said other patients who arrived later were attended by medical staff, but his child. Out of desperation, Manalo grabbed a syringe and attacked the nurse, the doctor and other people in the hospital.


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  1. This is indeed a sad case,, What is even sadder, is that this man was left with no one looking after his son

    Seeing no help forth coming, he driven in desperation to this extreme action.

    Is this an indictment on this Man..Or rather an indictment on the system .?.

    On more than one occasion,I been to ER in our local hospital ..

    There is a huge number of staff there…..Many with MD on their uniform ….I would remind readers ; that this stands for medical degree –The conferment of the title Dr is by convention …From a grateful public..

    The problem here is ;that many ot these “Dr’s” are still under training …They have to get in touch with a supervisor or specialist before they can do anything ..

    Sadly, the training has become more of a priority in my Opinion,than the patients..

    The hierarchy in the hospital; is such;that the patient is the lowest on the total pole . ..

    Is this how the doctors and hospitals;want the system to operate !

    There is so much money, to be got from this training ..That it appears to override consideration to the primary person ,

    IE, The patient !

    Dr David M Meyer (PhD Psych}

  2. Is this a sad indictment of the mans inability to control.the fears for his sons life? ..Or an even worse indictment of the state of the hospitals emergency services —

    When i visit my local hospital, i see a huge amount of medical staff there —Many of them with MD on their uniforms ,

    ,,Which i will remind people stands for medical degree not medical doctor –It is convention that we call medical degree Dr–Conferred by a grateful public..

    From what i can see , we train huge number of doctors;All paying massive fees to the hospitals..However those who have MD are not really able to do very much ;as they are still under training ..They are to bound to get the specialist or a resident etc before they can go ahead ,,In this case maybe they were waiting for the pediatrician ..

    Whatever the reason the poor man is left quandary not getting anything for his son ..He is feeling helpless and abandoned. He feels his sons life is now being threatened by the very people he went for help .!
    The system in our hospitals has to be looked at –We are becoming a Training center more than looking after our patents..I

    It is sad –This man will be blamed for his outburst ,,What is sadder is that the hospitals see big money in training ..even worse the patient becomes the lowest guy on the totem pole

    I s this how the hospitals and doctors; want the system to operate!?

    Dr D Meyer (PhD Psych)