• Despite Philippine woes, prospects are brighter


    With our country beset with social and political problems, it still enjoys the confidence of its allies and supporters. The United States will be investing in Mindanao soon especially with the realization of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro last stages. US trade officials led by US Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker are in town to pour investments into car manufacturing, energy and infrastructure in Mindanao. Malaysia has also visited the country (Cotabato) to explore investment opportunities there, like oil palm plantations. Malaysia has also helped broker peace in Mindanao.

    The Asean-European delegation has visited Yolanda-ravaged Tacloban City and pledged anew 30 million euros for building key health and education facilities and revitalize business. The delegation is here at the start of the Asia-Europe Meeting Conference on disasters.

    Gradually, we now feel the air of optimism for progress in our country, especially for Mindanao. With international rating upgrades favorable to the Philippine image, and despite a dip in our GNP growth after Yolanda, we hope for the best. We also hope China will see the light and cooperate with arbitration proceedings on disputed islands, for that would be a big thorn removed from us, when our maritime territorial sovereignty is at stake.

    Dodie G. Nabua
    Bacolod City


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    1. Is this guy so out of touch with reality or merely a foolish Malacanang minion wannabe.

      It’s people like this Nabua guy who help perpetuate a lousy and ineffective goverment. He can’t seem to see above the BS. Pity how his reality seems to be contained in “praise releases”. Worst of all, he even writes a letter for everyone to see how shallow he is.