‘Destabilization plans won’t fly’


THE opposition, as well as the administration, picked a wrong time to talk about the supposed threat of destabilization or plot to oust President Rodrigo Duterte, a political analyst said Monday.

Ramon Casiple, executive director of the Institute for Political and Electoral Reform, said any plot to destabilize the Duterte administration would not fly at this time because of the President’s high popularity rating.

“If an administration has high popularity rating, it is shielded from a coup plot or even destabilization,” Casiple told The Manila Times in an interview.

Senator Alan Peter Cayeteno on Sunday revealed the supposed recruitment of officials in government by anti-Duterte groups in preparation for a planned “mass resignation” that would be part of a bigger scheme to destabilize the administration.

“We have monitored the political movement, these groups are talking to government officials not to vacate their respective posts yet and join the planned mass resignation to create an impression that there’s a massive withdrawal of support to the administration,” Cayetano said in a radio interview, without disclosing his sources.

The erstwhile ruling Liberal Party denied that such a plan existed, with Sen. Paolo Benigno Aquino 4th saying it would not be involved if there was such a plot.

Cayetano has also claimed drug syndicates hurt by the government’s anti-drug war were fuelling moves to oust Duterte.

Casiple said it would not be wise for the opposition to come up with a destabilization plan at this time because apart from the high public support for the President, it also doesn’t have the capacity to launch an ouster move.

“If you’re talking about a plot you have to bring the military into the picture, but the Armed Forces at present is not in the mood for that,” he added.

What can help the opposition succeed is the support of the United States, but Casiple said it was unlikely for Washington to intervene because it is also dealing with its own internal issues.

“Plus you have to deal with [President Donald] Trump and I don’t think Trump is in the mood to intervene to that extent,” he said.

Casiple said there was no real threat against Duterte at present and what’s happening was the opposition drumming up its agenda in an attempt to somehow lower the popularity ratings of the President.

The opposition is thus riding on issues facing the administration particularly supposed human rights violations in the government’s anti-drug war, he said.

On the part of the administration, it is calling attention to supposed destabilization plots to deny the opposition a chance to mobilize, Casiple said.


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  1. President Duterte will never be ousted for alleged “order to kill criminals”. First that is exactly the people of the Philippines want, because our justice system is so flawed allowing criminals in and out of jails which the people is so tired of. Second, his voters (more than 16M if cheating has not taken place) support the notion of protecting the rights of every lawful citizen more than the rights of criminals who by the way are the violators of human rights.

    • Most of the senators and house reps stole the pork barrel allocations.

      20 senators on the Napoles list
      100 house reps on the Napoles list

      Only 3 opposition senators arrested.

      What about the other 117 thieves ?

      “protecting the rights of every lawful citizen more than the rights of criminals who by the way are the violators of human rights”
      Seems like the government is doing a good job of protecting the criminals as well

  2. It is not because of popularity , it is because the time has come for the Devil , the father of lies and liars be destabilized—finally destroyed. The enemies are the ones being destabilized now , not the popular leader.

    You see , Satan is a ‘witness against himself’ , being the proponent of the wisdom of opposites , the wisdom of knowing good as well as evil.
    And it is testified that the whole world is under the power of the evil one.

    This means that the wisdom of the Devil is the wisdom used by the people of the world. And being the wisdom of Satan , it is the wisdom of the enemies.
    Take the case of the enemies’ last witness , mr. Lascañas.
    He is a ‘witness against himself’ , so he is definitely an offspring of the Devil. Therefore he is never a credible witness for he has lied against himself.

    That is the significance of Satan’s having two conflicting spirits in himself , the good and the evil. He will self-destruct in the end , and so with his followers around the globe.

    Now is the time for the enemies to be destabilized and destroyed.

  3. There’s also power grab at INC involving Manalo family members. Here’s one at Africa:

    “Zambia: INC Lingap sa Africa leaves 8 dead, 28 injured in stampede for free Church food …”

    The Gods must really be angry with this so called Church of EVM. Count the seconds, prepare for the Guinness record for the grandest implosion of a homegrown organization disguised as the Church of Christ.

    “Zambian police have confirmed the death of eight people and injuries sustained by 20 others during a stampede after a church event in the capital, Lusaka.

    The stampede occured when organizers of a prayer event, started distributing free food parcels to the crowds that had attended the event – an outreach program at the Church of Christ’s Olympic Youth Development Center (OYDC) – on Sunday, March 5.

    Local media portal, Mwebantu, quoted a police spokesperson, Esther Mwaata Katongo as disclosing that among the dead were six females, one male adult and one male juvenile. Five died on the spot while three died at hospitals where they were rushed for medical attention.

    ‘The victims are among the 35,000 which the group called Lesedi seven, had invited for prayers at OYDC. The group had also organized food hampers to distribute to people. This Lesedi seven is a grouping under Church of Christ.’

    The injured persons are said to be receiving treatment at Chingwere first level hospital and Chipata clinic while the bodies of the deceased have been taken to University Teaching Hospital mortuary.

    ‘We have since dispersed the gathering and an inquiry into the matter has been instituted,’ the police spokesperson added.

  4. Beware, whoever start the destabilization, our bloggers will not stop to find your skeleton in the closet and name it next to hashtag #…leaks. Remember #lenileaks, #nagaleaks, . . . . . next exposee please.

  5. Robert James on

    I see the things that Duterte is doing and to be honest it will be a high standard for the next president to emulate him and I salute him for setting a very high standard and off course I am very much in delight as a citizen of other country wanting to save and invest in my little way in the Philippines when I come back. Imagine the tsunami effect of that small riffle if all filipino expatriates and OFW’s will do what Im doing, it will be a tremendous boost for us just like that Japanese have to work in the Philippines before ww2 or Koreans to work in Germany or other countries in the past. This will be a bonanza because for the first time we see and we believed that the President is sincere in making our Country free of addicts, pusher, drug lords, criminals, corrupt officials and other kinds of pests to the society. And to add, In my opinion the assets of the catholic church in the Philippines should be taxed because they are pests to the society that feeds them but contribute nothing to its ascendancy of the Philippines in the world. Wait, we are talking about coup right? Nah, they are nonsense.


      Duterte has raised the bar so high that next president will have a difficult time to reach.

  6. Of course, they are gonna say that there is no plot of overthrowing the current president or even just making Duterte’s reign unruly. Oo nga naman, wala namang kriminal na umaamin sa mga krimen na ginawa nila eh. Dito nga sa Pinas huli on the act o kaya may ebidensya na, i-dedeny pa.

  7. I think it is the mind of Cayetano that is gradually destabilizing for not noticing that most of the negative things happening in the Duterte administration is the result of Duterte’s uncivilized manners which he uses to entertain his uncivilized supporters at the expense of the sensibilities of the greater number of decent Filipinos. His “Putang Ina” is music to the ears of his admirers.

    Cayetano cannot even accept that the marching orders of Duterte to kill the drug suspects na “nanlaban” has given the blanket authority to the police to kill instead of trying first to disable as per the advice of FVR, and with the more than 7,000 victims of the EJKs without a single police officer being sent to jail making it hard for him to defend the indefensible his confused mind is now trying to find an explanation based on his blind loyalty to his master to deny the obvious reality of a self-destabilizing administration.

    • Benjie Picada on

      Up to now you’re still daydreaming wake-up to reality, your country needed most is this type of leadership. Not like all of the past. They only care to their personal need and interest not for the betterment of the society and the next generation to come, kudos to more Lwe kuan yew and Duterte style of leadership..

  8. dondontaganas@gmail.com on

    nahihibang na ang mga yan. daydreamnaing each day with their plans coz come 2019 they are all politically wiped out. now is their right time to move, to chip out little by little what digong has established. wala ng credibilidad 2lad ng cbcp at mga komunista. nangamong lng.

  9. Moh Hiya Amiril on

    Am wondering why the opposition couldn’t sit down and watch the present government do the works. As if they are only the legimate one who could run this country. Why can’t they help or cooperate in making this country move forward? During their reign as administration no one bothers them.

  10. Casiple missed a point, in RP politics, popularity is power!

    So attacks targeting the presidents popularity are in fact calculated to destabilization. As the plunder cases approach, the yellows are frantic to do anything to get rid of Du30. Just like their fellow American Liberal democrats in the US have resorted to calling on witches to cast a spell to unseat Trump.

    • Popularity power disappoints Hillary. Any destabilization ploys even in unpopular candidate such as Trumpy loses traction. Meanwhile D30 popular than the enabler of destabilization crew from in and out of the country have resorted to similar spells of dethroning the 45th US president. It would be more difficult to lower down D30’s overwhelming popularity than getting rid on Trump’s with the mediocre popularity. Liberal US democrats outnumber liberal party destabilizers…

  11. Why not prosecute treasonous politicians, businessmen and traitors. They are doing more harm than the ordinary criminals.

    If this “executive director of another nowhere org” has the information, get him to spill it out.

    Mass resignation of government workers is very much welcome, it will be more than simple good riddance, it will reveal the cockroaches these incompetent, immoral thieves are under hiding under their seats.

    And there are plenty of idle youth, fresh, raring with rightful interests and energy, but now are just barking at the wrong trees. The tools and potential for change are there, but everyone sitting in position right now are very much afraid of it. So they will divert the issue.

    • Why not prosecute treasonous politicians, businessmen and traitors.

      Why not prosecute the pork barrel thieves in congress ?

      20 senators on the Napoles list
      100 house reps on the Napoles list

      Only 3 opposition senators arrested, the other 117 thieves not arrested for stealing over 10 billion.

      The government only arrests the opposition,

  12. How could the opposition be successful in destabilizing the Government when they could not even present a credible witness in the Senate ?

    After presenting Mr. Matobato’s conflicting statements failed to prove the existence of the “DDS” , Senator Trillanes presented another witness(Mr. Lacanas)whose first appearance in the Senate (on the existence of DDS which he denied) took an oath TO TELL THE TRUTH NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH … this time , Mr. Lacanas is back(thanks to Sen. Trillanes) to take an oath again TO TELL THE TRUTH NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH on the same issue (on DDS).

    This time , Mr. Lascanas calmly stated that the FIRST TRUTH was a LIE !!!
    That’s funny…is it not ?

    The second appearance of Mr. Lascanas (through Sen. Trillanes)is a blatant disregard of the Honor and integrity of the SENATE … it is a plain and simple MOCKERY !!!

    The first time that he admitted he lied , Sen. Pacquiao should have moved to arrest Lacanas for PERJURY instead of CONTEMPT… he he he he he he

  13. silvino sarga on

    It’s not time to make a change.
    the administration is still young
    give it more time to prove itself right or to hang itself.
    the yellow brigade is not worth considering to run the country again
    there’s got to be a better mainstream alternative.

  14. This is again another moment to prove that in democracy a “Government for the People and by the People” truly exist!

    • Bonifacio Claudio on

      Magsaysay, Marcos, Duterte… “Our democracy will die kung wala” ang mga katulad nilang MAKABAYAN in contrast with MAKA-YELLOW ribbon-pa-more !!!