• Devant: 10 years of audio-visual excellence


    main20130617Today’s generation is so captivated by each new gadget that comes out in the market. There are technological advancements that cater to a consumer’s every whim and fancy.

    One of the more prominent gadgets that has also become a household staple is the television set and the home theater system. In the 90s, they had VHS players. And then along came VCD players, followed by DVD players and Blu-Ray. Consumers had CRTs, LCD TVs, followed by the LED and Smart TVs.

    A number of brands have emerged in the market, most gaining significant consumer base, but there is one which stands out from the rest. Techpoint Enterprise is a company established at the turn of the 21st century, one of the most dynamic electronics company recognized to deliver cutting-edge products and developments in the audio-visual industry. Techpoint Enterprise has launched two of the country’s most exciting brands— NextBase and Devant.

    In 2003, NextBase dominated the portable entertainment system market. The products ranged from Tablet DVD Players (In-Car Cinema), DVD, HDMI, and Blu-Ray Players, and Speaker Systems. NextBase has revolutionized the way consumers view their films and movies.

    Meanwhile, Devant, launched in 2007, brought forward products that are more responsive to the need of its consumers. Devant products range from Portable Players with LED Monitors, Speaker Systems, and LCD TVs; they are also one of the early adaptors of the latest in TV technology—the LEDTech TV that boasts of a symphony of superior technology.

    This year, Techpoint Enterprise is celebrating ten years of audio-visual excellence. In those ten years, it has been able to create widespread demand for its brands and products. As James Ng, General Manager of Techpoint Enterprise said, “This is a huge milestone for us as a company. Through the years, we have continually enhanced our products, resulting in a more enriched viewing experience for our consumers. As we move forward in the industry, we will dedicate all our efforts in further delivering bigger and better products.”


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