Developing a child’s love for science and art


Not too many people know that kids can already start appreciating math, engineering, technology, arts and science (Metas) before they even reach grade school. With interactive educational toys like Metas, kids, as young as four, can learn the fundamentals of these subjects.

Black Hawk Design

Metas, exclusively distributed by Microdata, is an educational toy that comes in the form of bricks, or input and output bits that allow kids to learn by building. The toy has two product lines. The Metas Innolab for schools, and the Metas Techno, the retail line which comes with motors, sensors, a dimmer, and rechargeable batteries.

Adeline Ang-Te, Microdata’s Vice President for Sales of Marketing, shares that Metas helps kids to integrate the concepts of math, engineering, technology, arts and science into everyday living.

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“It comes with activities and lesson plans that are aligned to the K-to-12 curriculum,” enthused Ang-Te adding that the toys help build understanding on how and where things fit.

Microdata has been working with educational institutions for years. Its product line, which also includes a speech lab, a distance learning course for business, interactive technology and language learning systems, caters to the ICT needs of schools.


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