• Development of anti-submarine warfare capability a priority for PhilIppine Navy


    With the country’s naval forces now undergoing modernization, the Navy announced that development of an anti-submarine warfare (ASW) is one of its priority so that Philippine waters can be protected against underwater intrusions.

    ASW refers to the capability to detect, locate and if necessary, destroy submarines found intruding in the country’s territorial waters.

    “We have plans for (developing) an ASW capability but it is still in the long-term plans. This is part of the Philippine Navy (PN)’s ‘Active Archipelagic Defense Strategy’. We are looking at ship mounted and helo (helicopter) ASW capability,” PN spokesperson Lt. Cmdr. Gregory Fabic stressed.

    He added that this program will be an important part of the Philippines’ defense system once it reaches full bloom.

    The Department of National Defense (DND) earlier revealed that the two missile-firing frigates it is bidding out for P18 billion must have an ASW capability.

    This can be done with the fitting of anti-submarine torpedoes, with minimum range 2km, minimum depth 500m, with acoustic countermeasures capability, and two triple launchers, one on each side, Fabic said. PNA


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    1. lupin @ fugeco.com on

      PKX-B Gunboat at 300 tons classified as CPIC is the cheapest alternative for credible ASW Platform for WPS Patrol coastlines.It is armed with guided MLRS rockets and could be fitted with other ASW Platform.a Korean made vessel and a secondary assets for our patrol frigate acquisition.

    2. Yes! Medium size, fast boats with capability to detect submarines and surface surveillance capabilities and the capability to attack that can be retrofitted to carry cargo and people from island to island in time of peace. Lots of them. We should have these long time ago. Make me wonder why, as an archipelagic nation, our boat/shipbuilding industry was never developed. ..