• Development of maritime domain awareness capability to ease tension in WPS


    US Navy Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jonathan Greenert, said development of maritime domain awareness capabilities of nations with conflicting territorial claims in the West Philippine Sea will do much to ease the tensions in the region.

    This was his advise to defense experts during his visit to the National Defense College of the Philippines in Camp Aguinaldo Thursday afternoon.

    “(One), I would work on maritime domain awareness, in other words I would work to be sure that we had a clarity of what’s going on out there in and around the West Philippine Sea on a consistent manner, he added.

    “Two, I would hard very hard (to attain) interoperability (with other powers in the region) and that’s an easy term so I’ll get to the point, using unclassified system use the easy stuff first to share information on what we see out there so whatever you see you want, as I’m saying, make sure your headquarters understand that, thoughout your headquarters in Manila but also out there at your fleet headquarters (and) then be willing to be share that with Vietnam, Malaysia whomever and work toward that,” the US admiral stressed.

    And three, Greenert said that all countries with stakes at the West Philippine Sea must be able to communicate with each other in order to get assistance or force multipliers.

    “I think (developing) maritime domain awareness will be tough, and then underpinning it all is training your people so getting a solid baseline of professional officers,” he added.

    Greenert is on a three-day official visit with the Philippine Navy which started last Feb. 12 and will end on the 15th.

    The visit aims to strengthen the ties and interoperability between the two navies and further realize peace and stability in the region. PNA


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