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    Dear Editor,
    Many challenges, trials and heartbreaks have come our way in the past months, but we go on with life. It is heartening to read about new bridges and markets either being built on turned-over to the rural areas. First, is the turnover of a public market and a bridge in Compostela, Compostela Valley led by US Ambassador Philip Goldberg. The structures were funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID). The new market is a replacement of the old one destroyed by typhoon Pablo, the bridge was rehabilitated.

    In Quezon, a new bridge now connects Aurora and Quezon towns and will surely boost economic development in the area. The Dept. of Agriculture turned over to the local government funds for the P350 million Umeray Bridge to Dingalan town, Aurora and with Gen. Nakar, Quezon. The DAR rays 30,000 people to benefit from the connection that will change their lives-mostly of farmers who can now cross the river and sell their produce easily.

    The government and our ally, the United States and the all nations who gave so much for typhoon Yolanda victims in cash and in kind are helping us cope with devastation and to recover and move on.

    The new and rehabilitated structures are a sign of progress and development.

    Jessie John S Llado
    Antipolo City


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