• Devon Seron gets leading lady status in Fil-Korean film


    For many actors who start out in supporting roles, a lead is often hard to come by if not at all. Patience turned out to be a virtue for the likes of Anne Curtis and more recently Yassi Pressman, who dutifully played the best friend or sister for a long time until they finally landed leading lady status.

    Twenty-four-year-old Devon Seron, seems to be one of these lucky few artists, for not only has she bagged a lead seven years since stepping into showbiz via “Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010,” but her project is definitely one for the books.

    Devon Seron

    Seron is officially sharing top billing with two Korean actors in what is touted to be the first Korean-Filipino collaboration movie, “You With Me.”

    And as she made the exciting announcement this week, the talented Cebuana thanked her lucky stars she resisted quitting showbiz many times, for the reward is truly sweet.

    Look back
    Seron was dubbed as Pinoy Big Brother Teens’ “Bubbly Promdi ng Cebu” and landed fourth place on finals night. Following the contest, she was cast in ABS-CBN’s teen variety show “Shoutout!” and went on to do the oriented dance-drama series “Good Vibes,” paired with fellow PBB housemate James Reid both times.

    As she grew from teener to her 20s, Seron was given supporting roles in a number of primetime shows including “Mula sa Puso,” “Angelito: Batang Ama,” “Angelito: Ang Bagong Yugto,” “Apoy sa Dagat,” “Maria Mercedes” and “Moon of Desire.” In March she was cast in her first movie “Pwera Usog” from Regal Entertainment, joining several other young actors.

    Grateful as she is for her body of work, Seron confessed, “There were many times that I wanted to quit showbiz. I felt like I needed to do something else and switch to another field. But I resisted quitting and thought about my family since I’m the breadwinner. And with this… this is just the start all over again,” she said tearing up.

    Seron’s Korean leading men for the movie are Hyun Woo, who rose to fame via KBS’ “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop,” and Jin Ju-Hyung of KBS2’s “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.” KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) is the national public broadcaster of South Korea, and considered as one of the country’s biggest networks.

    Asked how she landed the lead in You With Me, Seron laughingly said, she “gate crashed” an audition for what she thought was an independent movie.

    “I wasn’t really in the list for the auditions, but thinking that it was an indie, I asked a friend to help me get in, and she did,” Seron continued. She felt her audition was “unsuccessful,” though, and was ready to chalk it up to experience, until she got a call back. This time, she was to act opposite the two Korean actors.

    Seron with her Korean leadingmen Hyun Woo (left) and Jin Ju-Hyung

    “There were a lot of girls who auditioned for the lead role, the more popular ones to tell you the truth. But we wanted to have a real morena-looking Filipina in the cast, and those who came to us were all fair-skinned—except for Devon, who besides having the look we needed also knew how to act,” director Rommel Ricafort filled in the details.

    Seron, on the other hand, said she has yet to wrap her head around the idea that she is finally a leading lady and of two Korean stars at that.

    “I can’t believe it up to now,” she enthused. “This is my first time to be a lead and it’s such a different feeling. I am excited but pressured. I have mixed emotions about the whole thing to be honest.”

    Laughing at herself, Seron related how before You With Me happened, she had been planning to take a vacation in South Korea. “I told myself, ‘Oh my gosh, this is not only a vacation; it’s hitting two birds with one stone!”

    Suffice to say, she enjoyed every minute of shooting in Korea for 11 days in June.

    “I am really lucky and blessed. This is proof that you really have to take a risk in life. And while waiting, you have to do your very best in every choice you make. I’ve always tried my best and I’m so grateful for what’s happening to my career now after all these years.”

    You With Me from Gitana Productions will open in the Philippines on September 27.


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