• DFA to military: Check US drone


    THE Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has asked military officials to confirm whether the US drone found in Quezon Province was armed or had surveillance capabilities.

    Charles Jose, Foreign Affairs spokesman, said the department made the request to make sure that the drone was not carrying weapons or used for surveillance.

    The US Embassy had said that the drone was unarmed.

    On Tuesday, the US Embassy in Manila clarified that the drone, found off the coast of Patnanungan Islet in Quezon Province on January 4, is an “an expanded BQM-74E Aerial Target” launched during naval exercise Valiant Shield 2014 on September 15 to 23 in waters off Guam.

    “The BQM-74E Aerial Target is used by surface ships and aircraft during exercises to help train our sailors in a realistic environment that provides the best possible training,” it added.

    In January 2013, another unarmed US Navy target drone was found off the waters of Masbate. The US Embassy said it was launched from a US Navy ship that participated in a combat exercise off Guam.


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