• DFA raises alert level for Pinoys in Tunisia


    The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Friday raised crisis alert level 1 in Tunisia because of a recent terrorist attack and security threats there.

    In a statement, the DFA said Filipinos in Tunisia must take the necessary precautions when traveling outside their homes and work places.

    The Philippine Embassy in Tripoli, which has jurisdiction over Philippine affairs in Tunisia, continues to monitor the situation and remains in touch with the Filipino community.

    Alert level 1, according to the department, is raised when there are “valid signs” of internal disturbance, instability or external threat to the host country.

    This alert level came after a gunman opened fire in a Tunisian resort last month, and killed 37 people.

    It is believed to be the worst terror attack in the history of the African country.

    There are only about 200 remaining Filipinos in Tunisia, the department said.

    The country was used by the Philippine government to take out Filipinos from Libya at the height of the Arab Spring in 2011.


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