• DFA to assist Pinay on Dubai death row


    The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Sunday said the Philippine Embassy in Dubai will be assisting a Filipina who had been meted the death penalty there in appealing her case.

    Charles Jose, Foreign Affairs spokesman, confirmed in a text message that overseas Filipino worker (OFW) Jennifer Dalquez has been sentenced to death by Dubai’s Al Ain trial court for allegedly killing her employer on December 7, 2014.

    The sentence was handed down on May 20.

    “The embassy has extended all necessary assistance to Dalquez, including hiring a lawyer. The embassy will assist [her in appealing]her sentence,” Jose said.

    He added that Dalquez’s family has been informed of developments in her case.

    She is the latest OFW to be sentenced to death.

    The DFA earlier said there are 88 Filipinos on death row in various countries, most of them for drug trafficking, including Mary Jane Veloso, who had been lined up for execution in Indonesia last month.

    Indonesian President Joko Widodo, however, gave Veloso a temporary reprieve at the last minute.


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    1. The Philippines represented by a Government criminally incompetent and inutile in protecting its citizens allows its economic heroes [OFWs] to be bullied and be victimized by foreign nations and overseas governments!

      Why can’t the Philippine Government demand the release of the poor Filipina OFW from Dubai?

      If Dubai reply with a counter demand of CASH, surely the Filipino Government must be willing to pay and immediately pay the sought price!

      Is the Philippine Government not proud being a Filipino?

      If it allows its so called [OFWs} heroes to be state-murdered by any foreign government, what does the Philippine Government exists for?

      All what is being done by the Philippine Government is all mere words of;
      “we will try to help…..”

      In the coming 2016 presidential & national elections, hoping the Filipino people will remember and punish this immoral incompetence.

      And, every-elected person who represents the current Philippine Government
      will NOT be re-elected by the free and sovereign Filipino people.

    2. “Jennifer Dalquez has been sentenced to death by Dubai’s Al Ain trial court”.
      Al Ain is not in Dubai or vice versa. The accuracy of the location is in question, and in reality it is possible that this event may have nothing to do with Dubai at all.