• DFA urged to probe ‘abusive’ PH envoy


    A non-profit organization that addresses labor and migration concerns on Thursday called on the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to investigate a top Filipino diplomat for allegedly abusing and exploiting her Filipino maid.

    The Blas F. Ople Policy Center, in a news briefing in Quezon City, identified the envoy as Lourdes Yparraguirre,
    the Philippines’ Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

    The head of the policy center, Susan Ople, said 59-year old Milagros Braza, Yparraguirre’s maid, had sought help via Facebook after repeated appeals to act on her case brought no results in the previous administration.

    According to Ople, Yparraguirre allegedly ordered Braza to take care of her [Yparraguirre] niece for five days as the latter had just given birth.

    On December 25, 2015, the ambassador allegedly invited seven of her friends and told Braza that they will occupy her room.

    The maid said Yparraguirre threw her out and told her to look for a cheaper place to stay.

    The ambassador, according to Braza, also allegedly threatened to call the police if Braza would refuse to leave her residence.

    “No matter how angry you are, you don’t do that to a fellow Filipino especially to a domestic worker under your employ in the winter cold, an hour before midnight in New York City,” Ople said.

    In Braza’s sworn affidavit submitted to the Philippine mission, she also alleged that she was lent to Yparraguirre’s various relatives to work without extra pay.

    “We stand for zero tolerance for abusive ambassadors,” Ople said.

    She reiterated her call for investigation as more people, according to her, have also experienced the ambassador’s abuses.


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    1. The DFA should check on the abuses of ALL foreign diplomats. This not new but the problem one encounters (complainant) is that the diplomats have immunity.

      Another very common problem is the arrogant attitude of filipino employees working with the philippine embassies. The poor delivery of services to the Filipino Community in the countries where they are assigned. They should not forget that their salaries and benefits they receive working abroad are being paid from the taxes of the Filipino people!

    2. What else is new about Filipino employers most especially those in the foreign affairs department. Even Stupid Duterte cannot do a thing about these abusive government officials except making “cussing”remarks against foreign presidents. Nakatikim lang ng konting puwesto sa gobyerno at akala mo siya na ang pinakamatalinong tao sa mundo. The Philippines is a very tiny country compared to other countries but it is human nature to most Filipinos to have too much air in their heads once they obtain illegal wealth and government positions. Alisin ang maka-China at NPA na stupidong Duterte,

      • Do you understand that all abusive acts committed on the maid by this Philippine envoy were done before Duterte was elected into office? And the maid has been raising these issues to the concerned agency during the past administration to no avail? This time, at Duterte’s administration, she raised these issues again. It seems that she is now getting the attention of DFA.