• DFA urges OFWs in Libya to come home


    The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) is calling on Filipinos in Libya to avail of the repatriation program of the Philippine government amid the continuing deterioration of the security situation there.

    Charles Jose, the department’s spokesman, assured Filipinos in the strife-torn Middle East country that the Philippine government will shoulder the repatriation cost.

    So far, some 51 Filipinos of the 2,700 remaining there have already approached the Philippine embassy and asked to be repatriated.

    The department raised crisis alert level 3 in Libya on Thursday last week.

    Jose said the situation in Libya was very “volatile” and continues to deteriorate but the many Filipinos refuse to leave.

    “Many are taking chances that [while violence has not erupted]they remain safe,” the official said.

    There has been “lawlessness” in Libya since there seemed to be a confusion on who or which militia group is running and controlling the country.

    Right now, the embassy in Tripoli is preparing the necessary documents to facilitate the repatriation of the overseas Filipino workers.

    Jose said they will be repatriated as soon as possible, and they will take commercial flights if the airport were still accessible.

    If not, they have already identified four exit routes—two via land and two via sea.


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